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Cicada Watch 2015: Cicada Emergence Sightings

Cicada shedding exo-skeleton shortly after emerging from the ground.
Compliments Ted Henderson, Chambers County, AL.

The 2015 Cicada emergence will see two different broods emerging.

Brood IV will arrive in IA,KS,MO,NE,OK, and TX. This brood is a 17 year cycle.

Brood XXIII affects several state: AR, IL, IN, KY, LA, MO, MS, and TN. It is a 13 year brood.

We are tracking their emergence(see below). Listed below are reported sightings by City/Town and state of the emergence. Please email us sightings. Report a Sighting

Cicada Pictures and Images - See what the "buzz" is all about. Contribute a Picture

Tip: After they emerge, you still have time to cover up small trees and shrubs. They won't begin to do damage for a couple of weeks. Buy 1/4" pest netting now

2015 Cicada Watch - Sightings by State
State/City: Expected: Arrived:
Arkansas Most of the state will see an emergence of Brood XXIII.
Bryant May 15 - They are all over my yard. Started about a week ago. Started out as a few and last night my yard was covered. Yuck! Can’t stand the things! I’ll be glad when they are gone.

Dewitt May 24 - There are milions here.
Little Rock May 20 - I live a little south of Little Rock proper, I step out of the house 3 days ago, and heard them. Going to investigate, I found the husks.
Lonoke County May 26 - I noticed a few 5/15/15 and an abundance today (5/16/15). Thank you for information and tips.
Hoschton June 18 - We have them here.
Resaca June 2 - Have been hearing them sounding for a little over a week and saw the first sighting few days ago
Illinois Expect Brood  XIII to emerge in the southern part of the state.
Carbondale May 20 - We have literally thousands -- everywhere. I am trying to train my dog to eat them by mixing them into her dog food. If she can sort them out, she does but I am not going to give up. My neighbor is picking them and freezing them for duck treats. She has 8 ducks who love them-- they go on cicada excursions and can't find their way back home
New Athens June 11 - I first noticed the cicadas Memorial Day weekend because we were having a yard sale that weekend and they were landing on my stuff in the backyard. They've gotten progressively worse for three weeks now. We have a large deck that's surrounded by tall trees and the cicadas have made it impossible to be out there. They are so loud that you can't hear the person sitting next to you talking, not that you'd want to be out there anyway with all the dying bugs falling out of the trees. I sweep the deck off each night and before I'm even done there are more falling to the deck. But that's not the worst part... they pee on you! My deck looks like it's just started raining outside, but it's NOT rain. I read online that they call cicada pee "honey dew", but that doesn't make it any more pleasant. I'm looking forward to things getting back to normal.
Pinckneyville May 15 - They have arrived here.
Rockwood May 20 - Started about a week ago
South Elgin July 12 - First time seeing and hearing these guys tonight here.
Southern, IL May 17 -  Hundreds of these on house, trees and carport, have eaten a flower bush to the ground.
Indiana Expect Cicadas in southern areas.
Booneville May 25 -  They are horrible. My porch is covered . When will they go away. Its been going on for a week now.

 June 5 - The cicadas were so loud, they nearly drowned out the sound of the train coming through town. Luckily, they were not louder than the whistle.

Elnora June 9 - We have them here.
Newburgh May 15 - Cicada are hatching today in rural Newburgh, IN. Within 10 feet of space I had about 25-30.
Iowa June 7 - We have them here.
Mills County
Andover June 18 - Millions of them in my garden eating all the leaves and not too picky either.
Bonner Springs May 25 - There are hundreds and hundreds of Cicada's on the tall grass, bushes and in my herb garden. They kind of give me the creeps there are so many.
Cherryvale June 9 - They are showing up by the thousands.
Eastern Dickson County May 31 - Large hatch. One large tree has an inch of skeletons under it.  Interesting but very eerie.
Easton May 24 - We've got cicadas here.
Lawrence June 5 - Thousands - Millions ? - of 17 Year Cicadas in our yard. So Loud.
Marion June 3 - They have been most noticeable since about four days ago.
Mound Valley, Pumpkin Creek June 4 - I have never heard them so loud in my life time and im 48 , its ear defining and I can see them flying, while driving by on Hwy 160. We were going to fish the creek this week end but we would need ear plugs
Topeka May 24 - Hundreds in the grass and on trees this morning.

May 28 - Never have I seen so many Cicada's in one place. Our tree that the Cicada are on is a 50 year old Pin Oak. thank you for the website, nice to see others have them as well.

June 4 - We have more cicadas by far than I have ever seen. I was trying to mow last night and one hit my head flying by and another landed on my mower twice and me once. This evening if you look out our windows it looks like swarms of mosquitos in the air, but it is the much larger cicadas. We have 30 just sitting on the sun-facing side of our deck right now. We are in the suburbs on 3 acres, with some trees on the edges and across the street and the noise is actually deafening if you drive between the trees. Wow. I hope they are gone soon. It is interesting, but spooky and irritating.

Olathe May 25 - Our entire yard is emerging cicadas, 2nd night, already hundreds from 1st night. It is creepy and fascinating!

May 27 - Seems to be a big hatch - my yard with silver Maple trees have many more that yards without Maples.

Shawnee May 25 - Sighting of mass hatching.
Wellington June 5 - We have ten trees on the west side of our house filled with cicadas. We were gone for five days (May 29-June 2). There were some prior to our leaving but now they are really buzzing day and evening. Hope they are gone soon as our dog does not like them and neither do we.
Kentucky .Western Kentucky will be affected.
Murray May 28 - Cicadas are "alive and well" in W.KY
Louisiana Most of the state will be impacted by Brood XXIII.
Grant Parish May 10 - I live in Rural Grant Parish Louisiana . I saw my first one yesterday , and this morning I've seen several more , upwards of 20 today . I was not sure what they were , but had an idea and did some research . So , I guess brood XXIII is here .

Not sure if this is just starting or what , but all the ones I've seen are adults with wings .

Northern Ouachita Parish May 13 - I have found a wing in my yard and I can hear them out in the woods.
West Monroe May 14 - We have a large amount of 13 year cicadas now.

May 19 - The woods are full of them. You can hear them in woods quite loudly. This started around May 16 2015.

Union Parish May 20 - It is like a high voltage humm in the woods. So loud it is a distraction.i have found several dead under my carport today.
Missouri Missouri will see a major emergence in much of the state.
Blue Springs June 7 - Noise so loud after a while you get this ringing in your ears.
Cleveland May 26 - Our son found what appears to be 13-17 year cicadas on our porch. He is an insect collector and was quite surprised since we just had these in 2013. We have them everywhere. Looks like they just emerged and are climbing out of the ground and shedding skin in the trees. Two days later most seem to be completely through final change. They are numerous on our elm, locust and hedge (Osage orange) trees. We were wondering if the heavy rains and flooding we've been getting have brought them out prematurely?
Excelsior June 3 - Well, there’s right now. We only have 2 trees in a berm, and am I glad we don’t have more trees in the Yard!.... Sad to report that we have “timber” at the back of our property, though, and they are having a CONCERT out there in the trees! Creepy, crawly, alien creatures! I hope the birds are hungry!
Kansas City May 25 - I just came in from checking my garden. The cicadas are terrible! They have already shed their shells and are everywhere!
Mississippi Much of the state will be affected.
Brrohaven May 1 - Began to see shells yesterday, April 30. Today, May 1, they are everywhere, lots of empty shells but also, never seen this, dead and dying ones.
Clinton May 6 - We are starting to see the brood emerge in Clinton, Mississippi. They have been emerging for the past three (3) days. My three sons are totally amazed, including myself. This is cool! The ground is crawling with them this evening.
Corinth May 11 - We have them all in my yard and wooded area behind my house... Started noticing them 2 days ago.. My dogs are eating them. Hope they don't make them sick. These bugs fascinating.. And very loud....

Note: Dogs will not get sick from eating Cicadas.

Dumas May 11 - May 11. Noticed at least 10 on my front porch all in various stages of emerging.
Grenada May 17 - Locust are here.

May 1 -They are emerging at our house in Hazlehurst, MS, 39083.
Hernando May 23 - We've been hearing them for a week now. We have seen dead ones already but expect it to last a few more weeks. We've never heard them so loud before this year.
Lexington May 11 - There here in Lexington Ms.. How long will they stay?

Answer: 3-4 weeks, start to finish

New Albany May 8 - Large number of cicadas has emerged.
Northeast, MS. May 16 - They're all over northeast Mississippi right now- by the millions.
Oxford May 18 - They have arrived near Toccopola Community in rural area of Oxford
Pearl May 9 - Cicadas are in numbers
Pocohontas May 4 - Sightings in Pocohontas
Pontotoc May 17 - I have not seen them yet however you can hear them all over our little city.I cannot believe how loud they are. I am from Michigan and have never heard anything like this
Water Valley (Yalobusha county) May 16 - I hear a constant humming (for past few days). I have also seen a few on back deck.
Louisville June 17 - We have them here now.
Nehawka June 7 - They are everywhere!
Tallgrass Prairie Preserve May 30 - I saw them at the Nature Conservancy Tallgrass Prairie Preserve in northeastern Oklahoma, May 30.
Washington County May 28 - The cicadas are here.
Pennsylvania Brood I will appear in a small area in the southeastern part of the state.
Brighton Twp May 26 - The locusts started to appear May 24, 2015 under our oak and beech trees in the back yard. I have hostas planted around the trees and they were many locusts on the hostas.
Indiana May 28 - They have arrived here.
South Carolina
Columbia July 14 - Terribly noisy since mid June. Started finding carcasses July 4th weekend. There are no notations is sightings in SC, and no mention of if they like Fig Trees. They have beautiful transparent wings with markings that remind me of an outline for stained glass windows.
York June 28 - They are swarming the trees today. Noticed small holes in yard the other day. Found live one in truck bed, and exoskelton on pole barn wall.
Tennessee The western part of the state will be affected.
Beech Bluff, Chester Co. May 19 - Call this a "sounding" not a sighting. The cicadas have been singing very loudly over the past 3 days.
Benton County May 11 - They are just emerging now, quite a lot of them.
Camden May 16 - Yesterday I went out back in the morning and saw many cicada shells as well as the adults, clinging to bushes and trees in my Dad's yard. I have never experienced this emergence before, so found it very interesting. Of course, I had to read all about them and that is how I found your site. I went out later in the day and all the adults had flown away. My Dad has several trees in his yard, four mature maples, which I could see many of the body shells looking up through the branches. There is a large oak tree, but I couldn't see any signs in it. There are several bushes.

Thank you for your article, it was very interesting.

Drummonds May 15 - The cicadas have emerged this week. There are hundreds of them…if not thousands. It is strange because no one but us and our neighbors seem to have them. No one else seems to be seeing them. How can they miss them? Every morning I sweep piles of them from my front porch. Their shells are all over our yard. Hoping they are gone soon..
Gallatin June 21 - Cicadas are here, all over my house window.
Hornsby May 19 - This morning when I let my dogs out I could hear the loud roar of the Cicadas here in the country. My husband said yesterday he heard them also.
Jackson May 15 - I have them all over my steps in my backyard.
Knoxville June 21 - We have small holes all under one of our trees with empty circada shells everywhere. Haven't noticed the noise yet, but they have definitely arrived!
Lakeland (MemphisM May 19 - Cicadas have shown up
Memphis May 16 - I have holes in a certain area of my backyard and shells all over the place that my dog thinks are tasty treats. Gross! I do not have any young trees or plants - is there anything I should do to control this small crop? I probably picked up 50-100 "shells" just to keep the dog from eating them.
Michie, McNairy Co. May 19 - Cicadas arrived a week ago. Singing in the woods near my house and finding their shells in the yard. Being from Louisiana, I recognized the sound from growing up listening to them different years.
Nashville May 15 - I saw them today, along with a shell.
Paris May 31 - New to Paris Tennessee area i wondered what that noise was one morning. Now I know.
Parsons May 20 - I looked at a website that mentioned various states and counties that would see cicadas in 2015. My county wasn't listed, but we have thousands of cicadas around our home, on our house, cars, etc. (Decatur County).
Pickwick May 24 - They are here.
Savannah May 16 - We noticed the shells with beady red eyes last weekend. ( Mothers Day) The shells all over our yard. We are in the rural area and in a valley. The noise sounds like a loud, low, siren. We first thought the electric lines were humming on top of the hill. Our neighborhood has heard this daily and we all agree it is cicadas. It's a very annoying noise.
Savannah May 17 - They are making a lot of noise here
Waynesboro June 25 - The noise is louder today, than Saturday. Have seen shells but have not spotted a live one.
Weakley May 24 - They're here. I've seen and heard them.
Virginia Emergence is expected in a small area in the northwestern part of the state.
West Virginia A large part of the state will see an emergence of Brood I.

Cicada Protection and Control:

Insect Nettings are the most effective way to provide protection for your young trees, which are most susceptible. Because Cicada are large insects, a 1/4" mesh netting is effective. Wrap netting completely around the tree. Tie or seal it off at the bottom.

Important Note: Even if the Cicadas have emerged in your area, you have 5-10 days to cover young trees before the female begins to cause damage, as she lays her eggs.

Buy Pest Netting - A variety of bags for quick coverup, and sheets.

More Information:

Cicadas - at Garden Hobbies

Brood Map A chart of all of the broods and when they will hatch.

Buy Pest Netting-  It's the best cicada prevention. Find bags and nets to protect against Cicada, birds, deer and other pests.

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