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Cicada Watch 2017: Cicada Emergence Sightings

Cicada shedding exo-skeleton shortly after emerging from the ground.
Compliments Ted Henderson, Chambers County, AL.

The 2017 Cicada emergence will have one brood emerging.

Brood VI will arrive in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. This brood is a 17 year cycle.

We are tracking their emergence(see below). Listed below are reported sightings by City/Town and state of the emergence. Please email us sightings. Report a Sighting

Cicada Pictures and Images - See what the "buzz" is all about. Contribute a Picture

See Pictures of damaged trees - Cicadas cause serious damage, and can even kill trees and bushes.

Tip: After they emerge, you still have time to cover up small trees and shrubs. They won't begin to do damage for a couple of weeks. Buy 1/4" pest netting now

2017 Cicada Watch - Sightings by State
State/City: Arrived:
Clayton May 10: Today saw dozens of cicada ‘shells’ clinging to rose of sharon and holly shrubs.Cannot get enough netting to protect all the rhododendron and holly bushes and trees we have…..!!!!
Madison May 17: I am finding cicadas, saw them beginning Monday, May 17th.
Kentucky May 23: They have arrived here.
Bowie May 17: Lots and lots of shells and live cicadas
Fort Washington May 11: (1) They have arrived here in Prince Georges County. (2) No shells seen yesterday, but many today, as well as the cicadas themselves. How long do they usually stay active?
Frederick May 16: Cicadas have emerged here.
Glen Echo Park May 17: Small numbers are appearing, blackish with bright red eyes!
Montgomery Village May 16: Cicadas have emerged here.
Norbeck May 15: Cicadas all over my ash trees.
Potomac May 15: Hello. Cicadas are covering my maple tree! Will it kill the tree?
North Carolina
Morgantown April 29: Noise in the air, cicadas roosting on my brand new green giant pines. Many already shed their shells but saw about 15 this morning with wings, exactly as photo shows on your site.
Cincinnati May 18: Just started emerging
Fairfield May 18: They are here.
Mt. Washington May 22: A few solitary orange-eyed live critters spotted in trees in nursing home yard today
Powell May 24: I've just made these pictures this morning. Rather unnerving... So many of them on our precious ash tree...
South Carolina
Knoxville May 9: Definitely have plenty of cicadas.
Seymour May 1: I spotted them in my yard yesterday. Several shells around and saw 5 so far.
Annandale May 15: I have lots of cicadas around the perimeter of my house. It started about 2 weeks ago with me seeing all these holes in the ground. Then last week I started seeing the shells/skins all over the ground. Now I see them hanging on the trees and the railing and ground outside my house. I am very afraid of them.
Arlington May 15: Cicada just walked across my front stoop and climbed up a tree
Fairfax May 13: We have seen them arrive here.
McLean May 12: They have arried here.
May 15: We now have very many cicadas. Just found them this morning when fertilizing my plants. Skeletons also. Probably saw 40 altogether on my walls, flowers, roses and maple tree.
Oak Hill May 19: Several cicadas spotted today at my home

Cicada Protection and Control:

Insect Nettings are the most effective way to provide protection for your young trees, which are most susceptible. Because Cicada are large insects, a 1/4" mesh netting is effective. Wrap netting completely around the tree. Tie or seal it off at the bottom.

Important Note: Even if the Cicadas have emerged in your area, you have 5-10 days to cover young trees before the female begins to cause damage, as she lays her eggs.

Buy Pest Netting - A variety of bags for quick coverup, and sheets.

More Information:

Cicadas - at Garden Hobbies

Brood Map A chart of all of the broods and when they will hatch.

Buy Pest Netting-  It's the best cicada prevention. Find bags and nets to protect against Cicada, birds, deer and other pests.

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