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2017 Cicada Pictures and Images

Want to see what a Cicada looks like up close and personal?

Here are some Cicada pictures our site visitors have been kind enough to share. If you live in an area that experiences a Cicada emergence, you probably have seen more than enough of this little bug.

See what the Cicada "Buzz" is all about.

cicada, picture, pictures, cicadas, images, locust

2017 Cicada Emergence Pictures:

ciciada, cicadas

2016 Cicada Emergence Pictures:

2015 Cicada Emergence Pictures:

Cicada Watch - In 2015 Brood III and XXII emerged. Email a sighting report/ contribute a picture

2014 Cicada Emergence Pictures:

2013 Cicada Emergence Pictures:

Compliments: Dave Marsh

Compliments: Dave Marsh

2012 and Earlier Cicada Emergence Pictures:

cicada, pest, netting, control

When an emergence of cicadas hits an area, the best protection is pest netting with a 1/4" mesh.   Buy Pest Netting

More Information:

Cicadas - From Garden Hobbies

Brood Map Charts all of the broods and when they will hatch.

Buy Pest Netting-  The best cicada prevention. Pest net bags, sheets and bulk roll netting to protect against Cicadas, birds, deer and other pests.

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