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Flowers and vegetables are amazingly attractive, when they make themselves at home inside of an attractive raised bed garden frame!

Raised bed gardening is a great way to grow almost all of your favorite flowers, herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Aesthetically pleasing, raised bed gardens offer many advantages to both you, and your plants.

The prettiest and best kept gardens, are grown in a raised bed. There is something about a elevating the level of the garden bed, that make gardeners more conscious about the appearance and health of their favorite plants.

Raise bed frames do not have a bottom. Plants need to send their root system deep, often much deeper than the height of the raised bed frame. There are a few models on the market with bottoms, for people who want to use them on patios or decks. See Raised Bed Frames for Decks.

Benefits of Raised Bed Gardens: Plants grown in elevated garden beds, are bigger, healthier, and more productive. There are several reason why:

Warmer soil- The soil inside the frame is elevated above ground level, allowing the sun and air to warm it faster. This facilitates earlier planting, and better seed germination, especially in colder, more northern climates.

Easy to reach- Less bending over and stretching, making the joy of working in your garden and harvesting easier, and far more pleasurable. People with back or knee problems, handicaps, and elderly people really appreciate the ease of access to the garden.

Good drainage- Soil in the garden bed frame is above ground level. Heavy rains drain off. Soggy, standing water is eliminated.

Improved soil quality - Sure, you can use soil from the surrounding area. But, people with raised garden beds bring in as much as 100% of the soil, including plenty of rich compost and manure, to fill the bed frame. This rich soil mixture, is a vast improvement over normal garden soil. Growers seek a soil mix and pH level, that is ideal for the plants they grow.

Appearance- These garden beds create attractive gardens. It's a fact that people who use raised bed frames, take much better care of their garden .

How to make Flower and Vegetable Raised Garden Beds:

Frames can be made from landscape timbers, railroad ties, two by tens, concrete blocks or just about any other durable and strong material that holds soil. Even an old tractor trailer tire can be used. Years ago, this was in common. Make sure the frame is sturdy enough to hold soil. Anchor the sides from collapsing outward, if needed. The bottom should be open. If you are using a box or container of any kind, remove the bottom to provide good drainage. Do not line the bottom of the frame with plastic.

Tip: Make sure the width of the bed frame is no more than two arms lengths deep, about four feet. This allows you to reach any part of the garden, without stretching or climbing across the frame and plants.

Garden bed soil - While you can use regular garden soil, it is best to make a soil mixture that is ideal for the plants you are planning to grow. If the bed is really high, use soil from the surrounding area at the bottom.

Drip hose- A drip hose makes the bed more maintenance free and efficient. Add it at, or just below, the soil level . Make sure to work it in a pattern that evenly covers the entire area inside the raised bed.

Mulch- Make your raised bed almost maintenance free. Use plastic mulch to keep weeds out. For appearance, top the plastic with organic mulch.

Tip: Be creative. Make a series of smaller beds. Landscape around the beds with stone, mulch. Add paving blocks or stepping stones.

Raised Bed Garden Soil:

One of the best things about having a raised bed frame in your garden, is the soil you put into it. Here is where gardeners excel.

Begin by filling your garden bed with lots of compost. Most raised beds contain far more compost than the garden itself. While you will want to add ample amounts of compost, and some decomposed manure, you should also mix in some regular garden soil.

Much more on raised garden soil

Tip: After filling and mixing the soil in your raised bed frame, check the soil pH. The materials you use in the frame, may need an adjustment, to attain an ideal pH level for your plants.

More on Soil pH

See our Soil Testers now!!

Raised Bed Boards

Raised beds are made of almost any material. Perhaps you've seen an old car or truck tire, filled with soil and flowers. This is indeed a raised bed planter.

Most raised bed frames are constructed of either wood or plastic. Both can be attractive and effective. Wood is less expensive, but does not last long. They rot and lose their clean and neat appearance. Applying paints, stains or pressure treated wood, can extend the life of the wood boards. But, they can leach chemicals into the soil.

Plastic boards last a long, long time. While they cost more, they are cheaper over time.

A word about- - Orca boards. (People have asked.) These are plastic boards. We believe the Orca Board is a brand name, and the manufacturer went out of business during the recession.

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