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While you may not think about it, your bulbs begin to grow soon after you plant them in the fall. The growth is underground. You don't get to see it happening. The bulb begins to send out, and develop it's root system. The root system needs to be well developed in those last several weeks before the snow flies. This way, the plant is able to draw upon an ample supply of water and nutrients in the spring, so it can burst quickly into a brilliant bloom.

Fall growth of the root system is fueled by water and nutrients. A generous application of fertilizer, will really pay dividends. The best fertilizer is specially formulated for spring flowering bulbs, and is readily available in garden stores. As you plant your bulbs, put some of the fertilizer into each hole, as directed on the fertilizer box. For established beds, you can sprinkle fertilizer on top of the soil and mix it in. Be careful not to dig too deeply and disturb, or damage the bulbs.

When spring arrives, your bulbs will have all the energy they need to burst out of the soil and show their blooms. You can add a light application of fertilizer at this time. Use a fertilizer high in phosphorus.

After the blooms have died, another application of general purpose fertilizer will help the plant to create and store the food it needs for next year. Make sure to let the plant grow until it dies off . It needs as much time as possible, to create and store energy for the following year.

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