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How to Grow and Care Clematis Plants


Looking for a climbing vine with big, cheery blooms? Clematis may be your answer. Originating in North America, Asia and Europe, Clematis is a perennial vine that can grow up to 10' or more. Some varieties have blooms up to 6" wide in white, red, pink, violet or blue. Most Clematis blooms once a year, but there are some re-blooming varieties. This member of the crowfoot family are perfect for a trellis, or fence. After the flowers fade, Clematis produces small fruit.

How to Grow Clematis:

Clematis likes full sun, and moist, fertile, well drained soil. Space plants 24"-36" apart. The roots are shallow, and should be shaded by growing other flowers around the base of the vine. The use of mulch is not recommended, as Clematis can suffer from wilt and fungus diseases present in decomposing mulch.

Keep the soil moist, but not wet. Add an all purpose fertilizer once a month.

As a vining plant, Clematis needs something to climb. Growing Clematis on a trellis, fencing, or posts are good options.

Clematis will bloom in the spring to early fall.  

Insect and Disease:

Clematis are seldom bothered by insect problems. Use an insecticide only if needed.

On occasion, plant wilt and fungus disease can occur. Use fungicides as needed. 

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