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How to Grow Passion Flower Vine

Perennial,  Passiflora Caerulea

To some people, Passion Flower vines are a common roadside weed found in ditches and open fields. To others, it is an attractive plant, with fragrant flowers. We hope you are among those who view it as an attractive flower.

Passion Flower Vines are native to southeastern U.S. This tropical plant has over 400 species.

Passion Flowers were originally called Maypops. In the 1500's missionaries arrived in the U.S. They believed parts of the plant and its flowers symbolized features and stages of the passion of Christ. So, they renamed it the Passion Flower.

The Passion Flower has beautiful, exotic, largely purple flowers, from 1/2" to 6 inches in diameter. While the plant produces edible berries, they are very seedy. Jelly is made from the berries.

Passion Flower Vines are also called:

  • Maypop

  • Treasure Flower

  • African Daisies (not the same as the Annual African Daisy flower)

Passion Flower Vines attract butterflies.

Plant Height: up to 20' in a single season

Amazingly, it is often suggested that these plants be grown in containers, and as houseplants. The height of this plant may make some uses impractical.

Plant Propagation:

Patience is the rule, when starting Passion Flower vines from seeds. It can take from 30 days to a year for the seeds to sprout!!! As a result, we do not recommend you start seeds outdoors.

For indoor starts, sow seed in large pots,and cover with 1/4" of seed starting soil. Keep the soil moist. We recommend you cover the pot, to help retain soil moisture. But, be vigilant of damping off disease in the soil.

Growing Tip: Soak seeds overnight in water, before planting.

The plants can also be propagated by rooting cuttings from soft wood of the vine.

Days to Germination: 30 days to 1 year.

How to Grow Passion Flower Vine Plants:

Passion Flower plants grow best in full sun to partial shade.

The vines need rich, well draining soil to fuel their fast growth. Mix compost and manure into the soil, prior to planting.

For fastest growth, fertilize monthly with a general purpose fertilizer.

Water plants, deeply, especially in hot, dry weather.

For a nearly maintenance-free garden, add mulch around plants. Also, apply a thick layer of much in the Fall, for winter protection of the roots.

Provide a fence, trellis or arbor, for the vines to climb.

Insect and Disease:

Insect  and disease problems are uncommon.

Plants are deer resistant.

More Information:

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