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Strawberry Towers, Pyramids and Planters

These easy to grow plants, make themselves at home in your garden, or in planters and containers. You can use just about any planter for strawberries. Strawberry Towers and Pyramids are popular, especially, for space constrained gardeners. Its a form of vertical gardening.

Strawberry Towers and Pyramids:

Towers and Pyramids are a number of planters designed to be stacked upon each other. In addition to taking up little space, they are easier to tend to and harvest your plants. To tend to strawberries planted on the ground, you are on your knees weeding and harvesting. With Strawberry towers, you are on your knees for the bottom container or two, and standing up to work with higher containers. How easy is that!!!? The downside to using towers, is you need to fertilize and water the strawberries, on a more frequent basis.

The Agrotower is designed with the strawberry growers in mind. Stack up to six heavy duty Agrotowers upon each other, and fill them with rich garden soil. Then, plant your strawberries in the Agro Towers, and watch 'em grow! Buy Agrotowers now

It's New! Check out this attractive, 3 Tier Planter Raised Bed. You can use it  for growing your strawberries garden, or for flowers, vegetables, or herbs. Check it out now.


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