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 Gardener's Network Garden Blog 2020

Welcome to the newest gardening section of The Gardener's Network... our Garden Blog! We're talking gardening of all kinds. Our garden blog strives to offer you the latest garden information and tips on a timely, seasonal basis.


It Doesn't Have to Be Red!!

White Rose

Author: Bob Matthews

Posted February 12, 2020

 It's Valentine's Day, a day that is all about love. It can be a romantic love, a love of a child or family member, or even to express our feelings to a friend. As we all know, nothing expresses that love more than roses, specifically red roses.

But, wait just a minute!! Stop and think about the meaning of each color of roses. It doesn't have to be red. Each rose color has its own specific and special meaning. It sends an unspoken message, to express what you want to say.

You can bet the house, that she knows what each color represents. You can bet your bottom dollar, she hopes to receive red roses. If your intent is to express your love this Valentine's Day, nothing sends the message of love more clearly than red roses. The only exception we can think of, is if she doesn't like the color red. I don't know about you, but I am certain when it comes to roses on Valentine's Day, she absolutely loves the color red. And, it pretty much has to be roses. Even if she is allergic to roses, chances are she still wants red roses from you on this day. She will enjoy looking at them, even if she can't get close enough to touch or smell them.

There are plenty of situations where red roses just might not be the right thing to give. Perhaps, you are not ready to signal the word "love" in your relationship. Or, maybe you are sending the gift of roses to a friend in a non-romantic situation this Valentine's Day. If this is your intent, you're in luck. You have a wide choice of colors.     

Before you decide, first check out The Meaning of Each Rose Color.

 For those of you who received roses on Valentines Day, Learn Ho to Make Roses Last Longer.


It's All About the Seeds

Garden seed packets, seeds for plants.

Author: Bob Matthews

Posted January 1, 2020

As the new year and a new decade arrives, it doesn't take a sage prognosticator to know what's on the minds of each and every home gardener. That's right, seeds. For the next several weeks, it's the most important thing we think about. The experienced gardener knows a great garden always begins with the seeds he or she acquires. If you are one of the very few of us who will have a small garden, and you will grow the same variety of plants every year, you can skip the rest of this article. For the other 99.9% of gardeners, read on. The more you read and learn about the plants you will grow, and the seeds you will use in this year's garden, the better prepared you will be to produce a garden overflowing with prize winning plants.


Without a doubt, there is much to think about, when pondering your seed options and choices. The first thing to consider, is how good your garden plants were last year. If your bean crop was less than bountiful, or the beans were a little stringy, then perhaps your seed selection should lean towards a different variety. Were your zinnia plants too tall or too short? Look for a variety of zinnias that fits the desired height for your flower bed. What about the color selection for your flower bed? Many varieties of flowers offer a wide range of colors and blends, affording you endless possibilities. Will you go with the same brand of seeds? It might be a good time to change brands, a time to acquire higher quality seeds, as you seek better results than in previous years. Fortunately for you, the internet has opened up our options to dozens of brands.


If you're expanding your garden or ready to change what you grow, you've got a lot of fun ahead of you, as you make plans and procure the seeds you will need. Larger gardens translate into so many more options. You can now grow early, mid and late varieties of plants. This will allow you to harvest fresh, homegrown corn or lettuces over an extended period of time. Will you grow a wider range of vegetables? Just imagine how great your homemade soup will taste with a little okra in it. Your fresh garden salads will taste so much better, and look more appealing, with some mustard greens or endive included in the mix. When it comes to flowers, expanding or altering your flower beds offers endless possibilities. Will you go with annuals or perennials? May we suggest something a little different from what you've usually grown, like flowering kale, coral bells, or nasturtium which is an edible flower.


I don't know about you, but to me one of the best things about gardening is experimenting with plants I've never grown. The challenge and reward is a real thrill. Are you equal to the task? Of course you are! Have you ever grown Pumpkin on a Stick, or Cotton? Both plants are guaranteed to catch the eye of anyone who sees your victory garden. Last year, I grew Hops just for fun. I was rewarded with a very successful crop, large enough to offer them to a friend of mine who brews beer. Wow, writing this article makes me wonder what new plant I will try this year......


Did we give you enough to think about? ....good. Now your mission, is to grab another cup of hot chocolate, sit by the fireside and begin to make those garden plans. Once you've decided, don't wait too long to get the seeds you need. Get those seeds while they are still in stock. For those of you who have been with us for a long time, you know we shut down our online store last year as we headed to retirement. We were one of the largest online seed sellers. Many of you reported that our absence left a gap in your search for seeds. Here's a link that may help you ....  Find your garden seeds now.


About the Author

Bob Matthews is an avid life time gardener, and a recognized garden authority on the Internet since the 1990s. Residing in Rochester, NY, Bob is the author and owner of The Gardener's Network, Pumpkin Nook , Garden Hobbies, and other websites. Bob proudly authored every page of the over 1,000 pages of garden information and tips on these websites.

About some of Bob's other gardening websites:

The Gardener's Network - One of the finest, most popular sites on the internet to read, learn and have gardening fun. The Gardener's Network is the perfect place for you and your plants, the perfect source for how to grow just about any garden plant!

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Pumpkin Nook - By far the biggest, most comprehensive site on the Internet for pumpkins. Information and fun abounds, including: how to grow pumpkins, Halloween, one of the largest collections of pumpkin recipes and much more.


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