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Artificial Rocks, Decorative Fake Rocks

Are utilities, pumps, sump covers, wells and other objects making your yard look a bit ugly?? I hear ya.

Enter the world of attractive, artificial rocks..... Yup, that's right...... fake rocks. After the quick and easy installation of your artificial rock, you may soon forget there ever was an ugly utility spoiling your landscape.

Durable, yet light-weight, artificial fake rocks are a quick and easy "cover-up"  Just set these enclosures over an unsightly object, and push or hammer in ground stakes. They are so realistic, you'll hardly know they are not the real thing. With a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, we 're sure there's a rock enclosure  to fit your needs.

VERY IMPORTANT: The internal measurement determines the correct rock size. The external measurement of fake rocks is important, only if you are trying to fit it into a limited space, like between shrubs, sheds, etc.

DeKorra Artificial Rocks come in a variety of colors. See Color samples

Dekorra Artificial Rocks are measured in two ways:
  1. External Measurement- This is the overall size. It is especially important, if you need to place them next to, or between, other objects ( like trees, fences or sheds).

  2. Internal Measurement- This defines the maximum dimensions of the object you are covering. The inside space of the rock enclosure tapers, narrowing from bottom to top. The widest width and length is at the bottom. Near the top of the inside, the length and width is usually much smaller than at the base.

See Internal Measurements Chart

Or, Call us for advice at: 585-720-9785

Dekorra, artificial, rock, picture, jpg, pictures, fake Rock Enclosure (ROCK101) - External Dimensions: 21" H X 31" L X 26" W. Perfect for covering unsightly well and septic pipes and covers, and small pump systems.

Fake Rock Enclosure (ROCK102) - External Dimensions: 25" H X 27" L X 21" W. Cover well heads, pressure tanks, pressure systems, more.

Rock Enclosure (ROCK106) - External Dimensions: 12" H X 19" L X 14" W. Perfect for septic risers, holding tanks, manholes, cleanouts, vent pipes, more.

Rock Enclosure (ROCK109) - External Dimensions: 18" H X 30" L X 23" W. This size is often used to cover septic risers, holding tanks, manholes, cleanouts, vent pipes, more.

Rock Enclosure (ROCK110) - External Dimensions: 21" H X 39" L X 21" W. Uses include: cable boxes, telephone pedestals, fish filters and pumps, electrical outlets, more.

Rock Enclosure (ROCK111) - External Dimensions: 15" H X 34" L X 32" W. For larger septic risers, holding tanks, manholes, cleanouts, vent pipes, more.

 Rock Enclosure (ROCK112) - External Dimensions: 9" H X 36" L X 36" W. This artificial rock is perfect for hiding low septic covers, risers, and manholes.

 Rock Enclosure (ROCK113) - External Dimensions: 34" H X 18" L X 17" W. It's the right size or telephone and cable utility boxes, more.

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