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Compost pH

pH is the chemical measure of acidity(sourness) or alkalinity(sweetness). On the pH scale of 0 to 14, 0 is highly acidic, and 14 is highly alkaline. 

Garden soil has a pH, and varies by type of soil and what is in it. Compost, soon to be garden soil, also has a pH. And, it can vary significantly, depending upon what you put into your composter.

The ideal pH for most plants, is at or near the midpoint: 6.5 - 7.0 If compost or soil is too acidic, or too alkaline, plants can not grow.

Most of us put a wide variety of materials into our composter. Most (but not all) plants and weeds have a pH near or slightly below 7. Other compostable items can vary widely. So, it's important for you to have some knowledge of the pH value of items your place in your composter, and ultimately into your garden soil.

After your compost has decomposed, and before you mix it onto your garden, we recommend a quick home soil test for ph levels. See Electronic Soil Testers

For more information, see: Soil pH

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Hobby Greenhouses

Add a cover system to your raised garden frame, and you have....  A hobby greenhouse!

This raised bed kit comes with a cover system, designed for the Guarden raised garden bed frames. The cover latches firmly to the raised bed frame, allowing it to withstand high winds. The plastic cover comes standard with the unit. Optional pest covers and insect netting are also available.  The cover system helps to extend the gardening season spring and fall. It's easy to remove the cover system, for summer months.

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