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September Gardening - Top Ten Growing Tips

Gardening Tip # 1: Freeze fresh herbs in water in ice cube trays. Pop out the frozen cubes, and put them onto a labeled freezer bag. more.......

Gardening Tip #2: If it's September, then the first visit from Jack Frost is not that far away. Be prepared for a quick "cover-up".   more.......

Gardening Tip #3: If your pumpkins are still green. With a little help, they can still ripen in time. more.......

Gardening Tip #4: As you clean up your garden, it is a great idea to check the soil pH, and make corrections, if needed.. more.......

Gardening Tip #5: Harvesting seeds for planting next year, can save you money. The seeds need to be mature, properly dried, and properly stored. more.......

Gardening Tip #6: Got 30 to 35 days until the first frost? Try this fast growing garden veggie. more.......

Gardening Tip #7: Plant your Fall bulbs too deep, and they will struggle their way to the sunlight. Plant them too shallow, and they can be killed in frozen ground. As a rule of thumb.......

Gardening Tip #8: It's easy to tell when your sunflower seeds are ready to harvest..... the birds begin to take them on you. more.......

Gardening Tip #9: Enzymes in vegetables cause the maturation process. These enzymes must be killed, by blanching prior to freezing. Each vegetable has a different blanching time. more.......

Gardening Tip #10: Herbs can be stored frozen, or dried. Herbs must be completely dry before storing.  more.......

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