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Plant Propagation - Shoots and Runners

Using Shoots and Runners are a common way to propagate plants. Plants that are propagated in this manner, are often considered invasive plants, as they can be very aggressive.

Propagating plants with shoots and runners creates a new plant that is genetically identical to the mother plant.

This method of propagation should be done in the spring.

How to Propagate Plants with Shoots, Suckers and Runners:

Some plants will send out shoots, or suckers. If you dig them up, they have begun to develop a root system. They can be easily transplanted.

Some plants produce runners, with tiny little offspring attached. The most well know example of this is spider plants, one of the most popular houseplants. Another good example are strawberries. In outdoor home gardens, the runners can be allowed to root where ever they grow, or trained in a particular direction. For indoor gardening, the tiny baby plant can be cut from the runner and planted in a pot filled with moist, rich potting soil.

How to Propagate Plants with Shoots and Runners:

  1. For both shoots and runners, simply cut the new plant from the mother plant before the new root system.

  2. For taking shoots, make sure to get as much of the supporting roots as possible.

  3. For runners, it is sometimes helpful to continue to root them in water for a couple of weeks.

  4. Transplant the new plants, and keep the soil moist for 2-3 weeks.

Good Plant Examples for Propagating by using Runners:

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