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Artificial Rock Colors

Below are color samples for the DeKorra artificial rocks.

Important Note: not all colors are available for all models.

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Color: Autumn Bluff

Color: Cottage Gray

Color: English Castle

Color: Fieldstone

Color: Riverbed

Color: Sandstone

Color: Sedona Sunset

Color: Tuscan Villa

Dekorra Rock Enclosures come in many shapes and sizes.  They come in two different colors. When selecting an artificial rock, there are two measurements you need to know:
  1. External Measurement- This is the overall size. It is especially important, if you need to place the rock next to other objects ( like trees, fences or sheds).

  2. Internal Measurement- This defines the maximum dimensions of the object you are covering. The inside space of the rock narrows. The widest width and length is at the bottom. Near the top of the inside, the length and width may be much smaller than at the base.

Download Internal Measurements Chart

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