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Flower House Portable Backyard Home Hobby Greenhouse

Flower House greenhouses are designed with the home gardener in mind. Easy to assemble, these greenhouses set up in minutes, without tools. Each model is self-erecting and portable. When the season is over, quickly fold and compact the green house for easy storage, in a small amount of space.

Flower House portable greenhouses are easy on your budget, too.

The smaller green houses are often used as cold frames, and to over-winter potted shrubs and bushes.

Seed House Greenhouse


Some call this portable greenhouse a cold frame. It's the perfect home to start your seedlings early in the season. Use the Seed  House Greenhouse to harden off young seedlings. It also can be used to protect container plants from cold fall nights. You can grow early and late season vegetables, too. In some areas, it can be used to over-winter plants. This model fits on your patio, deck, or balcony.

Two large, zippered windows (32" X 33") makes working with your plants and seed trays, easy. Seed House greenhouses have screened vents, for proper ventilation, and two portholes for your water hose and power cord. Compact and lightweight, it sets up in minutes.

The Seed House greenhouses measure 3' High X 4' Wide X 4' Deep. 

Spring House Greenhouse

 Spring, house, springhouse, greenhouses

The Spring House Walk-In Greenhouse design is compact and lightweight, for easy transport and take down. It sets up in about 5 minutes, with no tools. Two screened doors optimize air circulation, while protecting your plants from insects and pests.

The Spring House model provides the perfect growing conditions for your plants in the early and late part of the growing season. In warmer climates, you can use this greenhouse all year long!  Grow-Tex wall material (plastic) is UV resistant for longer life. There is even four convenient accesses for your water hose and power cords. Measures 6.5' High X 6' Wide X 6' Deep.

Plant House Greenhouse


This model is designed to protect your tender shrubs and perennials from damaging winter environment. It can also be used to start seedlings, harden off seedlings, or to grow early and late season crops. 

Set up and take down takes seconds. It has a big, screened door (40" X 28") for easy access, and ventilation.

Measures 4'8"" High X 4' Wide X 4' Deep.

Dream House Greenhouse

dream, house, dreamhouse, greenhouse, greenhouses, buy, buy greenhouse  

This greenhouse is truely a dream. It's a spacious, walk-in model, with plenty of room to grow. It's lightweight and compact for storage. Its big enough for all of your gardening needs. Grow seedlings in optimum conditions, harden off plants, or raise plants in this dream of a greenhouse. You can over-winter plants. In milder areas, you can grow plants during the winter.

Two large screen doors, and eight screened vents, provide optimum air circulation and venting, as needed. This greenhouse is set up in minutes.

You can never outgrow your Dream house greenhouse. It is designed to be expandable, and can grow with your hobby. Around the front and back peaks, zippers are installed for connecting additional units.

Measures 6.5' High X 8' Wide X 8' Deep.

Row House Greenhouse


Eager to "jump-start" the growing season? Now you can, with this 12 foot Row house Greenhouse. Simply place it over a row, and plant your seeds, safe from a late frost. Helps warm the soil and provide faster, more successful seed germination. It has 3 large, zippered windows for easy access to your plants, and 3 screened vents  for proper ventilation and pest control. Say goodbye to transplanting shock and hardening off. This unit measures 2' Wide X 1' High X 12' Long.

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