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Guarden Greenhouses  - Backyard Home Hobby Greenhouse Kits, Raised Bed Frames

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Guarden products are some of the most popular models of small hobby greenhouses and raised garden bed frames. Their products are probably the strongest and most durable on the market. They are attractive units, that make you proud of your gardening hobby. The cover system allows you to extend your gardening season for weeks, spring and fall. Your seedlings can get a safe, healthy, and extra early start.

The smaller sized models of Guarden raised beds and hobby greenhouses are popular for balconies, patios and decks. Some people have also elevated these raised bed frames off of the ground. They place a sheet of plywood (cut to size) atop sawhorses. Then, they put the raised bed onto the plywood, and fill it with garden soil. This works great for those who are handicapped, people with disabilities, and elderly gardeners.

Note: These systems do not have a bottom. Normally, you don't want a bottom, so excess water can drain through the soil. If you are using it on a patio, or deck, you will want to fashion a bottom. A simple piece of plastic or plywood may do.

A Guarden Hobby Greenhouse begins with a strong, durable, long lasting garden raised bed frame. This raised bed is made of attractive white, plastic timber. Yes, the frame can be painted other colors with a special paint.  

A cover system, with hinges, is secured on top of the raised bed frame. The cover is made of plastic. Pest and insect covers are available separately. Latches fasten the cover system securely to the raised bed, allowing it to remain attached during high winds. The top is quick and easy to remove during mid summer, and after the gardening season is over.

Fill the raised bed with garden soil. Mix in ample amounts of rotted manure and compost. Now, plant your favorite flowers, vegetables, or herbs!

Tip: Guarden raised beds and hobby greenhouses look best when the ground is leveled off, prior to placing the units.

The size of your yard and your gardening needs, are important considerations. The smaller units are most popular on balconies and decks. The 4' X 8' units are most popular in the backyard.

Popular sizes are:

  • 2' X 4'

  • 3' X 6'

  • 4' X 8'

Raised Bed Garden Frames:

It's a fact!  ...Raised bed gardens are attractive and easy to use. But, best of all, they produce more and healthier flowers, vegetables and herbs. Raised bed gardeners are more avid and more successful.

Guarden raised bed garden frames are the most popular units on the market. They don't skimp on material,which affects the strength of the plastic timber. Unlike other models, the 4' X 8' Guarden raised bed frames are so strong, they do not need a center support that gets in the way of you and your plants.

Raised bed frames come in a variety of sizes. They can be single deep (5 1/4" high), or extra deep(10 1/2" high), using one or two plastic timbers. Extra deep models, are by far the most popular. The extra height makes it easier to work and harvest your plants.

Popular sizes are:

  • 2' X 4'

  • 3' X 6'

  • 4' X 8'


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