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Rion Greenhouses - Backyard Home Hobby Greenhouse and Commercial Greenhouses

Rion greenhouses are specifically designed for enthusiastic hobby gardeners and growers. As an avid gardener, you will enjoy the comfort and ease of use of these attractive, backyard home hobby greenhouses. In addition to the low price guarantee(see below), watch for the free gift offer on selected models. Free gift is only available on our marketplace.

Rion greenhouse system are modular, attractively designed, and spacious. The barn-shape design gives more headroom and growing space for both you and your plants. Each model is designed for both ease of use and ease of assembly.

The home gardener will enjoy the range of choices of Rion greenhouse kits. If this is your first hobby greenhouse, you may select a smaller model. Or, jump right into a bigger model that you and your plants will quickly "grow into".

If you are a commercial grower, the larger Rion greenhouse model (GH48) might serve commercial greenhouse needs of a small or a start up company.

Rion Greenhouse Model Series GH44, GH46, GH48 Basic Features:

  • Offers comfort, style, and space for you and your plants.

  • Barn-style design provides plenty of headroom, too.

  • Dual, adjustable roof vents help to circulate air and release heat from your greenhouse.

  • Double walled, opaque, 4 mm polycarbonate walls and roof covering.

  • Strong, UV coated wall and roof panels afford better sun protection, light diffusion, and insulation.

  • Roof tested to hold 1100 lbs of snow.

  • Double doors allows easy access in and out for your wheelbarrow and other garden tools.

  • Doors are hinged and lockable.

  • Quick and easy snap together, poly-resin frame is maintenance free.

  • Set-up without tools.

  • 7 Year Limited Warranty from the manufacturer.

  • Your choice of white or green frame.

  • Three styles to choose from for each model: Basic, Plus and Deluxe, with varying greenhouse accessories and features.

Rion Greenhouse Model Series GH44

  • Dimensions: 8'6" Wide x 8'6" Length x 6'10" High.

  • Perfect for beginners, and those with small gardens and/or limited space.

Rion Greenhouse Model Series GH46

  • Our mid-size Rion Greenhouse model is twelve feet long and offers even room to grow for you and your plants.

  • Dimensions: 8'6" Wide x 12' Length x 6'10" High.

Rion Greenhouse Model Series GH48

  • Dimensions: 8'6" Wide x 16' Length x 6'10" High.

Greenhouse Base-

Rion Base units are sold separately. Some people will construct a cement foundation for their greenhouse, and anchor the unit to the foundation. If this is your plan, you will not need a base unit.

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