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 How to Grow and Care for Rose Bushes

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There is unquestionably no flower as beautiful, or as loved as a rose. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. More "beholders" carry, display and grow roses than any other flower. They are the undisputed favorite flower of growers and flower buyers alike.

Meaning of Each Rose Color - Roses carry special meaning with each color. Many gardeners consider one or several roses a must in their gardens. A properly maintained and cared for rose garden will produce blooms from June until frost. It beautifies the yard and adorns the rooms of your house, while providing a light and sweet scent.

How to Grow Roses: Growing rose bushes is easy and rewarding. A mostly sunny location and a little gardening basics is all you need to get started. With a little learning you can turn your bushes, into the perfect bush, providing a profusion of roses. Like any other form of gardening the more gardening care and information you know for the particular plant you are growing the more successful you will become. More on How to grow roses

Do you know when Red Rose Day is? Find out now.

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