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Shade Gardening - Types of Plants for Shade

People are often amazed at the variety of plants suitable for shade gardens. Sure, there are varying degrees of shade, from light  shade to heavily shaded, and everything in between. Nature created plants that thrive in each and every type of surrounding. If you've got a small area of your yard that is inhospitable to the sun lovers in the plant world, there's no shortage of plants suitable for your needs.

Types of Shade-loving Plants:

Ferns- Tops on the list of many experienced shade gardeners are ferns.  Ferns are grown for their colorful foliage. There is a wide variety of plant sizes, leaf colors, and leaf shapes. They are extremely easy to grow.

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Hostas- perhaps the most popular of shade loving plants. Grown for their attractive leaves, there are hundreds of varieties to choose from....a Hosta for every shade gardener. And, you won't be alone. There are legions of growers and plenty of Hosta Groups and organizations.

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Bleeding Hearts - Attractive plants and an attractive flower. While most shade loving plants are grown for their foliage, you will love the colorful blooms of Bleeding Hearts flowers.

Bulbs- Opportunities abound. If you are growing under trees, select spring flowering bulbs. They will grow and bloom before the leaves appear. There are also spring bulbs that grow well in shady areas, most notably Lily of the Valley.

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Flowers- There are hundred upon hundreds of types of annual, biennial, and perennial flowers. The vast majority are sun worshippers. But, that leaves a sizable minority of neat flowers that prefer the shade in your yard.

Houseplants - Few people think about planting houseplants outdoors in shady areas. But, it works well. Your houseplant spent the long winter in doors and saw little, if any, direct sunlight. It's already accustomed to lower light levels. If grown outdoors in shady areas, they will suffer less leaf drop when brought indoors in the fall.

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Herbs - Try growing Angelica

Bushes and Shrubs- Tops on the list are Rhododendrons and Azaleas. They are often used as foundation plants around the northern sides of houses.

More Information:

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Lily of the Valley

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