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Backyard Gear Products- Waterstation Plus, Others

What happened to the Backyard Gear line and its wonderful products? Is there anything else on the market like it? If so, where can I find them?

As a former retailer of this popular line, we are still getting lots of questions like these. To help you, we will answer your questions (below), and help guide you to similar products.

1.  What happened to the Backyard Gear line and its wonderful products?

The manufacturer went out of business, a victim of the Great Recession. While it is now ir-relevant, we believe they were felled by the cash/credit crisis in 2008-2009, when banks made credit renewal or new loans all but impossible. While the products were great, the company did not have the cash reserves to survive those tough times.

Waterstation Plus and other products in the Backyard Gear line that carried a water sink, were unique and very popular. But, this popularity could not save this small company in the toughest of economic times.

2. Is there anything else on the market like it? If so, where can I find them?

Yes, and no. There are no other products on the market that we know of, that has a water sink. If one was to become available, we would seek to carry it, as consumer demand for models with a water sink was quite popular. For other items there are comparable items, read on.......

Water Station Plus- Unfortunately, There is nothing else on the market with a water sink. We suspect the patents held by the now defunct manufacturer keeps others from the market.

Garden Water Station - This unit had a water sink, and held hoses and garden tools. While there is nothing on the market with a water sink, the Suncast Garden Center has some similarity. See the Suncast Garden Center, #SCGC1500B

Barbecue Prep Station - Like the Waterstation Plus, the water sink made this item unique and quite popular. Suncast offers three items for deck use, but they do not have a water sink. They are the Deck Cooler (#SCDCC3000), the Patio Cooler (#SCDCC3100), and the Deck and Pool Serving/Prep Station (#SCDCP2000) See them now

Grill Stool - The Grill Stool was simple and very popular. It allowed storage for grill tools and charcoal, and offered a place to sit next to the grill. Plain and simple, it was priced right and made for a very popular Father's Day gift. There is nothing else quite like it on the market. The closest we can find is a Sucast Deck Box with Seat. See Suncast Deck Boxes

EZ Kneeler - There are other Garden Kneelers on the market. There is also a garden scooter, that you can sit on for greater comfort. See the Garden Scooter, #SCGDS200

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