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Tomato Disease Resistance Codes

Selecting tomato plant varieties with disease resistance, will help you to produce healthier plants, more fruit and a higher yield. This can be very important, if tomato plant problems are common in your area.

A - Alternaria Stem Canker, a fungus - brown or black cankers on tomato stems, leaves, and fruit.

F - Fusarium Wilt, a fungus - begins with yellowing of one side or vine of plant.

FF - Fusarium Races 1 and 2, a fungus - begins with yellowing of one side or vine of plant.

FFF - Fusarium Wilt 1, 2, and 3, a fungus. - begins with yellowing of one side or vine of plant.

N - Nematodes, parasitic round worms

ST - Stemphylium Grey spot leaf, a fungus - growing brown to black spots on leaves

T - Tobacco Mosaic Virus, causes mottling and yellowing of leaves,  reduced size and yield of fruit

TSWV - Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus - yellow and brown rings on stem, or brown streaks on stem, dead leaf spots and tips, stunted growth.

V -Verticillium Wilt - disease clogs water carrying tissues, starving the plant. Yellow spots on leaves, browing of veins.

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