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Cicada Watch 2021: Cicada Emergence Sightings

cicada brood emergence
Cicada shedding exo-skeleton shortly after emerging from the ground.
Compliments Ted Henderson, Chambers County, AL.

The 2021 Cicada emergence will have one brood emerging.

Brood X will arrive in portions of DE,GA,IL,IN,KY,MD.MI,NC,NJ,NY,OH,PA,TN,VA,WV. This brood is a 17 year cycle.

We are tracking their emergence in these areas(see below). Listed below are reported sightings by City/Town and state of the emergence. Please email us sightings. Report a Sighting

Cicada Pictures and Images - See what the "buzz" is all about. Contribute a Picture

See Pictures of damaged trees - Cicadas cause serious damage, and can even kill trees and bushes.

Tip: After they emerge, you still have time to cover up small trees and shrubs. They won't begin to do damage for a couple of weeks.  We recommend 1/4" pest netting for effective cicada protection.

Cicada pest control netting

2021 Cicada Watch - Major Brood Sightings by State
State/City: Arrived / Comments:

Cicada Protection and Control:

cicada pest control

Insect Nettings are the most effective way to provide protection for your young trees, which are most susceptible. Because Cicada are large insects, a 1/4" mesh netting is effective. Wrap netting completely around the tree. Tie or seal it off at the bottom.

Important Note: Even if the Cicadas have emerged in your area, you have 5-10 days to cover young trees before the female begins to cause damage, as she lays her eggs.

Adult cicada

More Information:

Cicadas - at Garden Hobbies



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