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Cicada Watch 2011:  Track Cicada Emergence

Cicada shedding exo-skeleton shortly after emerging from the ground.
Compliments Ted Henderson, Chambers County, AL.

We are now tracking the 2013 Brood II Cicada sightings.

 The Great Southern Brood XIX has emerged 2011 Cicada emergence is from Brood XIX. This brood has a 13 year life cycle. It affects the following states: AL, AR, GA, IN, IL, KY, LA, MD, MO, MS, NC, OK, SC, TN, TX, VA

Listed below are reports by city/Town and state of the emergence. We have stopped collecting reports as of June 1, because the Brood XIX emergence has already occurred. Thanks to all who have contributed.

Cicada Pictures and Images - Thanks to the contributions of many site visitors, you can see what the "buzz" is all about.

Tip: After they emerge, you still have time to cover up small trees and shrubs. They won't begin to do damage for a couple of weeks. Buy 1/4" pest netting now

Listed below are reports that we have heard so far:

Cicada Watch 2011





Cicada are expected this spring in varying numbers, across 3/4 of the state. They are not expected in great numbers in the southern 1/4 of the state.

Let us know when they have arrived.

Ashville Resident report: May 8- I live in Ashville Alabama and they showed up this morning across the street in the woods. Sounds like thousands of them!
Calera Resident report: May 4- I found your website after massive Google searches trying to figure out what is invading my yard!.............there are mass amounts of the young ones (tan) all over my grass.....I am FREAKING out.
Camp Hill Resident report: May 9- For the past week we have heard this buzzing noise in our city of Camp Hill, Al. Considering we were in the area where the EF4 Tornados hit on April 27, 2011 we thought something had blown up to cause the sound. It started just a day or two after the disaster occurred. After the power was back on, we thought it was the phone line considering they were still down. Only to find out it's also in the next City of Dadeville, Al. While visiting a lady she told me that it was the 17 year Locust bugs.
Cedar Bluff Resident report: May 8- They are everywhere.
Chambers County Resident report: April 25- I live on county road 457 in chambers county and we are covered up with Cicadas. (see picture above)
Decatur Resident report: May 21- Cicada's have been heard loudly in the area since around May 12, 2011.

Florence/Cloverdale Resident report: May 13-  They arrived around May 6, the sound is eerie!
Fort Payne Resident report: May 12- It was obvious they had arrived Saturday May 7th as the sound on the ridges wooded area are astounding. They took over our trees in the yard next to the woods. It's really a displeasure! Just glad it doesn't happen every year....
Gadsen Resident report: May 6- There are thousands of the cicadas in our area. There are so many holes in our back yard , it's scary! I keep knocking the dead outer shells off the house and anything else they are clinging to and at this point there are hundreds. The noise is creepy and on-going.
Gaylesville Resident report: May 9- They are all over.
Hokes Bluff Resident report: May 1- We saw the first Cicadas this morning. There are a lot of empty shells stuck to the brick on my house & the Cicadas are just standing still on the ground & sidewalk. We have woods across the street from our house & can hear what sounds like thousands of them.
Huntsville Resident report: May 7- Shrubs and tall plants covered this morning, seems the city ones are a bit slower to come out than the already reported country cousins in the surrounding counties.

Resident Report: May 7- I have a zillion of these in my yard, they are everywhere, how do I get rid of them..... Answer: Not much. You can cover up with netting. They will be gone in a few weeks.

Resident Report: May 19- No bugs around my home in NW Huntsville yet. We get the green late summer variety there, though. (Comment- While Cicadas, may be in a town, it will not necessarily be in every home and yard.)

Lake View/Tannehill Resident report: May 11- I must be near a swarm of them. Definitely sounds like a UFO in the woods during the day. They were all over my trees last night.
Livingston Resident Report: May 11- They are in Livingston
McCalla Resident report: May 9- Started around April 28. Noises began about May 4.
Montevallo Resident report: May 2- They are all in our trees in Montevallo. Sounds like someone has a generator running.

Resident report: May 9- thought a near-by quarry had a 24 hour giant conveyor belt running. The area I live in is outside the city limits of Montevallo and I have heard them several miles away while driving toward the American Village in Montevallo. Hundreds of the shells are in my trees.

Montgomery Resident report: May2- I returned from Nashville on Sunday, May 1, 2011 and asked my husband what was that sound. He had no idea until later that afternoon while we were sitting on our back patio and a golfer who lives in the neighborhood told us they were locusts and that this sound started on Saturday. No one knew what it was (They sound like a UFO hovering and getting ready to take off) We live right outside of Montgomery in Elmore County. Just letting you know they are here.

Resident report: May 14- I found cicada in my garden. I’m sure there will be more to come.

Mooresville Resident report: May 10- They showed up this morning and are everywhere! For the last few nights, I have heard this rumble-like buzzing sound and thought that it was my neighbors generator or the local mill or even a truck running. Now I know it was these guys. Doesn't sound like the normal yearly Cicadas we get.
New Market Resident report: May 9- Emerging
Northport Resident report: May 9- The red-eyed cicadas have been out in Northport, Alabama for about 2 weeks. They seem to come out every 13 years in this area.
Phenix City Resident report: May 13- They have been in Phenix City and Smiths Station AL for the past 3 weeks!
Rainbow City Resident report: May 24- They appeared to us the morning after the tornados, April 28th, 2011. We live on the river and they were in the woods down from out home. They were very loud and it took me quite a while to figure out what it was, because it sounded like chain saws or machinery in a distance. Then I noticed them on the ground in my yard, everywhere. It took a couple of days but they ended up in our yard and have been here for 4 weeks now. I traveled to Knoxville the weekend of May 20-22 and they were all along the interstate from Gadsden, Alabama to above Cleveland Tennessee. Thankfully they were gone after that.
Redstone Arsenal Resident report: May 18- I heard a really loud screeching in the woods this noon. The trees – even the pines - are covered with cicada shells and crawling adults. Dead bugs are all over the ground. Used up males, I suppose.

Resident report: May 20- Thousands of them ... ominus sounding in the distance.

Scottsboro Resident report: May 13- The sound is deafening and they are everywhere.
Sheffield Resident report: May 9- I have had Cicadas coming out of my flower box bed in front of my house since Friday and they just keep coming.
Smith Station Resident report: May 13- They have been in Phenix City and Smiths Station AL for the past 3 weeks!
Talladega Resident report: May 9- They are awful. They are taking. I can't even go outside. Is there anything that can be done.
Tuscaloosa Resident report: May 24- These Cicadas arrived right after the devastating tornado’s that hit Tuscaloosa on April 27th. We live in a small suburb of Tuscaloosa (Northport, AL) and we have been hearing these Cicadas ever since non-stop. My husband actually held one yesterday and they look exactly like the photos on your site. After visiting your site it appeared that no one has reported these yet and I thought you might want to know. THANK YOU
Candiver Resident report: May 10- Cicadas arrived about first of May and are still quite loud. Almost deafening at some times during the day. I can hear them through my head phones I use for mowing and chainsawing.
Vincent Resident report: May 21- In the trees around me and the sound is unbelievable! Like a loud machine running constant!! Just have a few in the yard I have seen so far , but must me millions of them here!
Wetumpka Resident report: May 9- I have not seen them but everyone here says that is what is making the extremely loud roaring noise in Wetumpka, AL.
West Brocton Resident report: May 9- I have been hearing them for several days and they finally emerged at the house on Saturday night the7th.
West Point Resident report: April 29- So many Cicada’s they look like bee’s around a hive when you look up into the pine and sweet gum trees. The sound is comparable to a piece of machinery of some sort. Randomly selected a small 3 ft tall sweet gum and counted at least 24 empty shells attached to it, just one tree among thousands.


Cicada are expected to arrive in Mid to late May. They will hit the southwest, west and northern areas of the state.

Arkadelphia   Resident report: May 5- the brood began to emerge the last of April at Arkadelphia, Ar.71923. They are making a tremendous amount of noise.
Bonnerdale Resident report: May 11- Whew! We can rule out an alien invasion although the sound I have heard for the past 2 days sounded like some sort of UFO landing. The cicadas are here and it is different than those the past 12 years I have witnessed. Here cicada, there cicada, everywhere cicada.
Caddo Gap Resident report: May 10- the locusts are a constant buzz in Caddo Gap, Arkansas
Crossett Resident reports:

April 24:They are coming out of the ground and leaving holes everywhere! I live in Crossett Arkansas and these things are everywhere!!!

April 25: My mother lives in Crossett Arkansas and the cicada are tormenting her. They are everywhere. Holes in the ground, shells everywhere. They are sticking to the brick of the house, trees, plants, wood, everywhere. My mother got hit in the head by one the other day. She is tired of sweeping them up every morning.

Hampton Resident report: May 10- Started hearing them about 2 weeks and the noise continually grows louder! Now we are finding them everywhere, dead and alive!
Jonesboro Resident report: May 25- We have only lived here 3 1/2 yeasrs and did not know what all the noise was until a neighbor told us. Will greatly be proud when they leave.
Lickskillet Resident report: May 25- Neighbors and I noticed the cicadas in western arkansas, scott county around the first of may, 2011. The humming noise seemed to be constant and coming from all around in every direction. Now the noise seems to be louder and clearer and the cicadas are largeer and red eyed. Interesting, different people/neighbors had different ideas on what it was, such as transformers, tree frogs etc..... nobody can remember them in our area of the county
McCaskill Resident report: May 6- The Cicades have just started filling our woods with that eerie sound. I have only seen a few so far but I hear them out there.
Monticello Resident report: May 8- The cicadas are here! Their whirring sound is getting louder by the day. They are so loud that I can hear them inside the house. They are flying all through the trees and are starting to leave their bodies on the ground.

Resident report: May 13- It's been 3 weeks since they "arrived". The sound is like that of an engine that won't stop. It doesn't matter where in the area one drives, one can hear them.

Nashville Resident report: May 11- They are here!!!
Paragould Resident report: May 24- I have not seen the locust but they are here and extremely loud! Sounds like there are millions of them. They are so loud I can hear them when I'm in my house. I first started hearing them about a week ago
Siloam   Springs Resident report: May 28- Traveling up to Siloam Springs, Arkansas on HYWY 59, about 5 miles south in a rolling hills area we heard them. I had to stop the car and listen what the heck was going on. It sounded like escaping gas from a huge pipe. Then tonight in Bella Vista Arkansas where we live I was awakened at 1030pm, I can hear them down by Lake Avalon.
Cocoa Resident report: May 20- I Live in Cocoa Florida, at this time I have a Cicada in my backyard that is very noisy. I first became aware of its presence on May 19th 2011

Note: Florida was not on the emergence map!!


Cicada will emerge in big numbers in the northeast and southeast portions of the state. Other areas may see smaller numbers.

Appling Resident Report: April 27- We are located in Appling Ga on Clarks Hill Lake.Thank goodness the breeding in down the road from us. We still hear the constant buzz very clearly. I have holes all over our yard and empty shells everywhere. They started about April 20th.
Armuchee Resident report: May 10- The roar of the cicadas is almost deafening! We can see them swarming in the trees... Will be SO glad to see them go!!!! However, they do make great fish bait! The bass in the creek behind our house love them -- and, we love eating the bass!
Barrington Hall Resident report: April 26- For the past three to four days, there has been a great rumbling sound in the woods behind my house. There is about a 100 acres of woods and the sound is emanating from that area. It is a disturbing sound. I believe it is the sound of their wings rubbing together. At night, my Jack Russell terrier barks and growls.

Bolingbroke- Juliette Resident report: April 25- I am sending this to report a brood of Cicada insects in the Bolingbroke, Juliette Georgia yard is covered in exo-skeletons and small holes in the ground.

Chattsworth Resident report: May 8- Cicadas are in Chattsworth, GA and have been here for 2 weeks.
Crawford Resident report: May 3- They are here.
Chickamauge Resident Report: May 9- I am writing to report a locust infestation. Beginning last Saturday (April 30, 2011), I discovered a number of tree locust in my maple trees. Over the number of locust has increased exponentially to a level of about six per square foot. I have observed approximately one hundred thousand skeletons on the ground, and hanging from the bark and leaves. At any moment I can step outside, and find live tree locust crawling on the ground. The chickens love them, but noise is some-what annoying. I am sitting in a quiet room in the house and their noise sounds like the water is running constantly.
Dearing Resident report: May 2- I just wanted to let you guys know we have them all around us. You can hear them all day now but late at night they calm down and you can still hear the crickets.
Elberton Resident report: May 9- We have millions of cicada’s
Flvilla Resident report: May 10- Last weekend and this weekend both the sound is deafening. Thousands upon thousands have emerged.
Gary Resident report: April 28- They arrived here in Gray, GA. on or around April 24,2011
Grovetown Resident report: April 30- I wanted to report that they are here in GA. They showed up last week.

May- Cicadas have been heard near Grovetown now for a little over a week, starting a few days before Easter Sunday. The sound is so annoying. Hope they will be out of here soon.

Harlem Resident report: April 25- They have arrived in huge numbers.
Hillsboro Resident Report: The 13yr. cicadas came out April 22. Here in the middle Ga. Community of Hillsboro, Ga.
Jackson Resident report: May 2- when do they go away…the noise is annoying

Resident report: May 11- We have had cicadas in our area since the last weekend in April. They are extremely noisy.

Kingsland  Residents are already buying pest netting to protect trees and shrubs.
LaGrange Resident report: April 27- Found one last week, but yesterday coming in to work, there were hundreds on the side walk and parking lot. The few oak and pine trees in the front were COVERED with nymphs – my very first opportunity to see them hatch and mature into flying insects. Only a few males were singing last night when I left at 5PM. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. Some still hatching today! AMAZING!

Resident report: May 9- Millions it sounds like in and around LaGrange, GA. 30240

Lexington Resident report: May 3- They are here.
Lincolnton  Residents expect cicadas to emerge in May.
Mansfield Resident report: May 13-They have been here for about two weeks now at first i thought someone was running some kind of machine until I remembered when we were in the tn. some years ago and heard that noise except alot louder and you could see them flying but here i haven't seen flying . one was in our pool so i knew for sure they were here then.
Milledgeville Resident report: We live in Milledgeville, GA. They are everywhere in our yard.

Resident report: May 13- The cicada have taken over the campus at Georgia College and State University. The noise they make is almost deafening. Its so loud we can hear it inside classrooms.

Monroe County Resident Report: April 25- We are experiencing a large emergence.
Monticello Resident report: April 25- Cicada quickly arising. There are holes in the ground everywhere around our barn and shrubs, the shrubs are also covered in the shedding along with the actual cicada.

Resident report: May 9- They are everywhere

North Bibb County Resident report: April 26- This is to report an infestation of cicadas in North Bibb County (Macon, GA) around the Zebulon Road area (Lake Wildwood Sub Division)

Rome Resident Report: May 1- They're here, in big #s.
South Bibb County Resident report: May 10- This is the 3rd week of the roar from the cicadas' song here in South Bibb County (Georgia). We are near the Macon Airport. The song is loader this week, but the flying insect and shells have not been as plentiful as the noise would lead you to expect.
Summerville Resident report: May 8- first heard May 4 in Chattooga County near Summerville GA 30747; they are still emerging. must be thousands! We are not too far from Hokes Bluff which your table shows. Our black cat was doing his part this morning to eat some for breakfast!

Resident report: May 18- I've herd these creatures before but, I've never herd them this loud, never in all my life have I herd them so loud you couldn't think straight. In some places I have herd them over my riding mower full throttle.

Telfair County Resident report: May 6- Millions of cicadas along Ocmulgee River in Telfair County.
Thomson Resident report: April 26- They are really loud in east-central Georgia right now. Over the weekend, my cats brought 6 fully emerged specimens into my house in Columbia County, GA.
Tocooa Resident report: May 7- We went outside on Thursday of this week and heard this shrill continuous noise – after much investigation we discovered it is cicada’s in our woods by the thousands.
Washington Resident report: April 26-  They are EVERYWHERE! Can't take a step in my city yard without seeing 20 holes around my feet. Exoskeletons are hanging from trees, bushes, tall grass, etc... The sound outside is so creepy. I just hope they don't swarm! ;)

Resident report: May 8- There must be millions of cicada bugs,,,, It is a very loud constant buzz,,, Like a low flying saucer sound.....

West Point Resident Report: We noticed the cidadas on April 22 in West Point, Georgia ,primarily on our hosta plants. The hosta bed surrounds an area where an old crabapple tree lived. The crabapple tree was cut down winter 2011 and replaced with a sugar maple. Apparently they were underground around the crabapple tree. They are now migrating to the leaves and limbs of the sugar maple.


Residents in the extreme southeast area of the state will see Brood XIX emerge in their town.


In 2008, the Chicago area saw huge number osf Cicadas emerge. Not so in 2011. The southern half of the state will not be so lucky, as they are expected there in big numbers.

Alton Resident report: May 27- My entire lawn is covered in cicada bugs.
Charleston Resident report: May 29- I’ve been watching the 13-year cicadas silently emerge from the ground over the past several nights during my late evening walks. They were particularly plentiful under street lights, climbing up wooden utility posts and nearby trees. Today the singing noise has started! I’m sure the temperature has something to do with it, since it is a warm 80 degrees, after several days of rather cool rainy/stormy weather. The sounds of summer have arrived. I’m worried about the younger trees in my yard.
Chatham Resident report: May 31- First seen 05/31/2011
Columbia Resident report: May 24- Saw several shells and one live one on my patio! I hope they aren't as bad as they were 13 years ago!
Decatur Resident report: May 28- They started getting noticeable about Thursday, and they are all over the grass now. I see them on tree trunks too. They are sticking to my iris leaves. I was pulling the wild violets tonight, and they were every where. Totally gross.

Resident report: May 30- Cicadas are here , hundreds of them.

Godfrey Resident report: May 20- They are here, just hanging on posts around deck & birdfeeders.
Goreville Resident report: May 30- We are being over rum with these insects. There everywhere, I get dive bombed walking on my property. There so loud, day and night.
Jacksonville Resident report: May 27- The cicadas have made their emergence. I have thousands of them in my backyard, all over the ground and covering my 80 year old Oak tree, and my neighbor's yard as well.
Marion Resident report: May 31- We are rural Southern Illinois and have thousands and thousands. The sound literally hurts your ears.
Montgomery Resident report: May 17- Cicada starting to emerge tonight.
Quincy Resident report: May 30- We have had over 100 cicada's that came in our garage last night. they just appeared and does not seem to be on the trees. They were coming out of their shells last night.
Waterloo Resident report: May 26- Cicadas have been hatching and emerging this week.
Lawrence Resident report: May 30- Found a 17 year in Lawrence ks today. Unmistakable.
Topeka Resident report: May 30- I know Topeka is not on the cicada list, but I have seen hundreds of cyclic cicadas in our yard in Topeka this year. We started noticing them just a couple days ago, but I think they have been coming up for a week or two.


The western third of the state will see the Great Southern Brood of Cicadas.

Dunmor Resident report: May 22- Cicadas in Western Ky. *(Dunmor Ky.) 52 mi. west of Bowling Green.


Resident report: We actually have some of them almost every year. I do remember when I was younger, having them really bad one year. The last time they were supposed to be that bad, it really was not as bad as it was forecasted.

Kadiz Resident report: May 23-  Have heard them for the last three nights, but seem the first one today.
Muhlenburg County Resident report: May 26- Cicada infestation in drakesboro ky. In minke burn co. Kentucky they are the black ones with red eyes
Keokuk Resident report: May 31- They have been here in Keokuk, Iowa for almost 2 weeks.


Cicadas should only be a problem in the north and northeast parts of the state.


Residents will read the huge emergence in 2008. Brood XIX will be very minor.

Lexington Park Resident report: May 8- Several cicadas emerging on trunk suckers of crabapple in front lawn.


Expect Cicadas in big numbers in almost all of the state. Only the Northwest corner will be spared a big emergence.

Ballwon Resident report: May 23-  They are in Ballwin, mo.
Blackwater Resident report: May 31- They are eating my geraniums. They are live in the cedar trees. My front porch has those shells everywhere on it.
Branson Resident report: May 19- I recently discovered hundreds of cicadas on dutch iris and hosta.

Resident report: May 30- They are loud!

Cabool Resident report: May 19- Oh, my, do we have cicadas! You can walk up to nearly any tree on our 5 acre piece of property and find hundreds!! Yuck!
Cadet Resident report: May 13- Went to check on my peach trees and saw about 20 on it and it’s a little tree
Chesterfield Resident report: May 27- They’re here!!
Cole Camp Resident report: May 25- On or around May 20, we started having the emergence of cicadas in our yard. They are on the trees, light pole, grass and flower beds. Two of our dogs think they are treats and have been gobbling them up when outside. Also, some black birds have also been eating them.
Columbia Resident report: May 23- Saw several dozen dried cicada shells in our backyard this morning, mostly on trees. Also saw at least 10-15 "live" cicadas on shrub leaves, trees, and a few on the ground. There are many small holes all throughout the yard, probably where they emerged from.

Resident report: May 24- We seem to have a disproportionate number as compared to our neighbors though I don't know why. Each day for the last 3 days we've literally cleared hundreds of empty shells and live ones off our brick facade and hostas with no end in sight.

Resident report: May 27- My yard is covered.

DePeres Resident report: May 30- Absolutely thousands in the back yard. There is one 8 year old oak tree in the back of the house which is housing thousands. Unfortunately the tree is just a couple feet from my window/bed. So loud its hard to fall asleep and stay asleep. I have noticed they are loudest from 4am-3pm. They are day time cratures though it seems they dont really sleep. When ever I get home late at night, they are always covering the garage door and the driveway infront of the security light. I have found squashing them with a broom works better than stepping on them. I kill about 40 per night. Not really denting the population other than it is 40 less per day that are mating. Seems they spawn quickly so that should help get another 2 minutes of sleep this year
Edgar Springs Resident report: May 28- We have had them now for about two weeks
Eureka Resident report: May 24- Large amount the last three days
Farmington Resident report: May 18-  These things are on everything wood. Trees, porch's, play set, anything and everything wood.
Fenton Resident report: May 22- We have them by the thousands! HELP!
Festus Resident report: May 18- we have a lot of cacada.
Kirksville Resident report: May 26- One of our supervisor’s noticed these this morning
Kirkwood Resident report: May 23- They started emerging on May 18th and haven't let up since. There are hundreds, if not thousands, all over our yard and house.

Resident report: May 30- I live in northeast missouri in the town of Kirksville. Last night they started coming out and again tonight. They are absolutely everywhere.

Marthasville Resident report: We are expecting them really heavy this year, around the 1st of May
Mexico Resident report: May 12- I have noticed a lot of little round hole in the ground by my pine trees the last few weeks. Today I moved a flower pot and saw six holes and one creature. Found this site on internet, figured out what it was.
Moscow Mills Resident report: May 31- The Cicada’s are very loud – this weekend they “sang” non-stop and it sounded like car alarms going off somewhere in the distance. We are seeing some of them but we can hear the rest.
Osage Beach Resident report: May 20- I walked my yard not twenty minutes ago, and noticed the infestation is huge. Oaks seem to be the heaviest infested. We have had heavy rains and are expecting more. The Cicadas are in various stages of hatching.
Ozark Resident report: May 21- discovered 3 cicadas in my garden this morning.
Paris Resident report: May 24- For the last five nights I have seen thousands of Cicadas emerging from my back yard each night, about a half hour before dark. I can’t walk through my yard without stepping on them. However bad you think they are they are twice as bad.
Poplar Bluff Resident report: May 21- They have shown up on our priperty in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. The are chanting loudly in the woods next to our house
Salem Resident report: May 29- The cicada's began to come out here at 65560 on may 22-23. Now it's an epidemic. So loud it's unbelievable. Didn't see this one coming.
Saverton Resident report: May 31-  Just noticed them over the weekend and they seem to be multiplying quickly!
Sparta Resident report: May 24- We have a lot of cicada.
St. Louis Resident report: May 23- I have a huge cicada infestation in my yard.

Resident report: May 31-  The cicadas are definitely here!!!!!!!!!!!! They arrived a few days ago here in South County

St. Robert Resident report: May 25- There is many hundreds especially in the wooded areas and place that have several trees and shrubs.
Sunset Hills Resident report: May 21- They have arrived here.
Texas County Resident report: May 26- Large emergence in Texas county
Warrenton Resident report: May 31- Boy do we have them. They get louder as I type. Good luck to us all.
Wildwood Resident report: May 20-Starting May 19th, we have been having an overwhelming emergence of the 13 year cicadas in our yard. Over 20 on one tree, around 30 on one stretch of fencing, and we have to watch where the step because you can actually see them all over in the grass.

Resident report: May 23- Dozens upon dozens crawling around my paver block patio, climbing walls, trees, etc. More emerging from the flower beds in front of the house. Very creepy, instinctual behavior like zombie grubs. Their exoskeletons are hanging like Christmas ornaments from the underside of leaves on lower branches of trees. Exoskeletons spread all over the ground. I have never seen them in such numbers. I can’t imagine what the summer din will sound like.

Steelville Resident report: May 13- Woke up this morning to find hundreds if not thousands of these pest coming out of my front there anything that kills these things


 Brood XIX will emerge in the northern half of the state, and especially in the northeast.

Ackerman Resident report: May 3- They have arrived in great numbers and the sound is absolutely amazing. I live in Ackerman, Mississippi which is located in the central part of the state. It is amazing the number of holes in our yard where they have come emerged.
Columbus Resident report: May 8- I can hear them in our neighborhood! Very loud.
Daleville Rewsident report: May 7- They arrived two weeks ago. Very noisey.
Fulton Resident report: May 7- I'm reporting from Fulton,ms. I actually live south of Fulton in the tilden- new Salem community. I have Circadas by the thousands and thousands in my yard. It's like a freakn Hitchcock movie. The mating sound is extremely loud and can b heard for miles.
Meridian People are beginning to cover up trees and shrubs. Resident report: April 25- I have 100’s all over my 10 acres, plus the sound is so intent in our woods that its creepy sounding out side right now

Resident report: April 27- This morning, there are hundreds that I can see, possibly thousands that I don’t just in my half acre yard.From my house I can hear a group making noise. I have located the group approximately 1.2 miles from my house.

Mississippi State University Resident report: May 9- I'm a student at Mississippi State University and a swarm of Cicadas has set up house at my apartment complex. Judging by the size, I'm estimating that they have taken refuge in 25-30 pecan trees around my complex.
Oxford Resident Report: May 11-We are expecting big numbers this year.
Starkville Resident report: May 11- I visited my parents Sunday in Starkville and was surprised to hear a "spaceship" when I got out of the car! I am familiar with the sound from experiencing it in about 1984 in Bradley, MS, Starkville is northeast Mississippi, and I live almost directly across the state in Batesville, MS, but we aren't hearing them here. Thanks for your info! Answered some of my questions...

Resident report: May 11- The cicadas are still singing and we see them on all outdoor surfaces. I thought they would have decreased by now, but they are going strong

West Point Resident report: May 8- There are hundreds covering my small yard in the middle of town. They are so loud it's almost creepy.

North Carolina

It will be hit or miss in North Carolina. The western part of the state will be affected. So will the central parts of the sate.

Albemarle Resident report: May 9- This is to report cicadas brood XIX on Tower Rd.
Apex Resident report: May 5- We have thousands of cicada skins under our oak trees this week. I haven't seen any live ones though!
Asheboro Resident report: April 30- First sighting April 29, 2011
Baden Lake Resident report: May 13- Have invaded Badin Lake NC. Started Easter Weekend. They are loud, smelly, and taking over!
Chapel Hill Resident report: May 2- They are starting to come out in droves around our property. There are so many it’s starting to feel biblical in nature

Resident report: May 13- Started seeing them 4/27, out in masses 5/10. UFO sound is everywhere. Measured 130 dB on my meter!

Charleston Residents remember the last emergence 13 years ago, as it was BIG. Expect history to repeat this year in May.
Charlotte Resident Report: May 1- Full Blown Cicadas in Charlotte , NC. Tons !!!!!

Resident Report: May 21- Cicada have invaded SE Charlotte!! This is my first year ever experiencing anything like this! I was delivering Gourmet Food through SE Charlotte, in Piper Glen and Ballantyne area, there were so many Cicada’s I couldn’t hear my customers talk. They were literally afraid to leave their homes! There were thousands upon thousands everywhere! It was like a nightmare come true. It reminded me about the bible and Locusts.... Scary stuff.

Chatham County Resident report: May 8- Yesterday I heard a loud annoying noise in the region to the north of me, then it moved to the west. The sound was loudest in the swampy Jordan Lake flood region. Today, while transplanting some perennials, I saw a cicada and it's shell on a day lily, and then I made the connection. We've been seeing lots of 1/4 inch holes in the ground.
Denton   Resident report: May 3- Cicadas emerged 2-3 days ago, they are everywhere.

Resident report: May 20- I decided to eat lunch outside today at a restaurant. There is a loud background whirring sound and a closer din of cicada noise. Quite a few flying around, bouncing off cars. Also, there seem to be a lot of birds out today enjoying the cicada buffet.

Resident report: May 21- We were in Denton NC yesterday for a soccer tournament at Denton Elementary School. The cicadas were everywhere. We were getting hit in the head, the face, our backs.They would stick to our shirts. It was creeping me out. I know it is a natural event and a wonder to see, but I can't stand a bug on me, much less ones of this size. I felt creepy for hours after finally leaving the area.

Durham Resident report: May 3- They have emerged in northern Durham, N.C. My driveway is full of shells and adults trying to fly. My garden beds are full of holes where the nymphs have emerged. They seem to be heading for a large oak tree in my neighbors yard next to our driveway.

Resident report: May 18- There are a lot of these bugs in my garden, on the plants on both the front of the house and the backyard. they are in their thousands and it's frightening. I've tried spraying them with "Seven" pest control but it's not really helpful. Any idea how to stop them other than the nets? (Answer: Sevin and other pesticides are not effective. 1/4" Netting will protect plants)

Elizabethtown Resident report: May 3- Cicadas have arrived in Elizabethtown (Bladen County) in southeastern North Carolina. Found your website while looking for information on the insects making the loud deafening noise in the woods behind my house. Based on the significance of the noise, which started late last week, there must be millions of Cicadas in the woods. We have seen the exo-skeletons on trees and have found dead Cicada in the backyard
Hillsborough Resident report: May 5- Yep, April 30, eating the roots off the broccoli and climbing the oak trees en-mass. I hear they are edible!

Resident report: May 9- Cicadas started emerging 5 miles south of Hillsborough, NC 27278 a few days ago....we noticed them specifically on Saturday, May 7. Yesterday we noticed the singing.

Lexington Resident report: May1- Just a note to let you know that the Little Buggers are here.
Moncure Resident report: May 9 - We have had an outbreak of Cicada in our area. We live on a two acre rural location approximately 2 1/2 miles North of Moncure, NC and 1/2 mile west of the southern tip of Lake Jordan. The daily noise from sunrise to sunset is quite annoying. We first noticed the invasion about 7 days ago.
New London Resident report: May 2- We have cicadas emerging here, as of 4/30/2011.

Piedmont Area

Cicada are expected in big numbers in early May.

Pineville Resident report: May 4- I have several hundred cicada skeletons in my back yard. I also noticed a lot of small holes in the ground in the same area. The holes are about ¼” in diameter.
Pittsboro Resident report: May 7- I noticed a few cicadas in the driveway a few days ago, however this evening (5/7/11) I can hear them rustling underneath the leaves...everywhere! It's actually kind of spooky. I've never seen anything like it!

Resident report: May 9- My neighbor reported what she identified as 'huge, creepy beetle' climbing a tree at night in her yard this past Saturday. Today (Monday, May 9, 2011) I can state with pretty good certainty that it was cicadas, since the sound outside my house (5 acres in an 100 year growth hardwood forest) is deafening!

Resident report: May 9- The noise from the woods started about a week ago and is non stop from sunrise till evening. We live in Pittsboro NC and I counted 8 holes around one tree where they have come out of the ground. I saw 2 leave the ground in a 10 min period yesterday.

Roxboro Resident report: May 23- These insects have been in our area for over 3 wks..maybe more (we were out of town) They are and night...besides eating something constantly. There are many, many trees and vegetation surrounding us. An endless supply of food.
Sanford Resident report: May 9- Cicadas have been in the woods around our house here in Sanford, NC ever since the tornado went through on April 16th. They are noisy and very annoying.
Semora Resident report: May 24- Cicadas emergence is in full swing
South Central Resident report: May 2- For the last five days we’ve been hearing the “humming” (for lack of a better word). Actually remember in the 50s and 60s the ray guns sound from movies, that’s what it sounds like. Today, I began to hear the traditional cicada sounds, the high pitched one, coming from the woods as I was running at lunch time.
Union County Resident Report: April 30- This week we’ve had tons of cicadas emerge from the ground, climb the trees, and emerge. We’ve seen some with damaged wings that can’t fly. There are many casings hanging in the trees.
Weldon Resident report: May 8- For the last two days 5/06 –5/08 we have thousands of cicada on our backporch screens on the sided of our home a tree full of them. I am estimating 10,00 or more.

Resident report: May 10- Cicadas in Weldon, NC,27890 by the thousands!


Only the extreme eastern are of the state is affected.

South Carolina

If you live in the western half of the state, you are in Cicada Country.

Catawba Resident report: April 26- Several seen around my pool and yard this morning in catawba sc 29704

Resident report:  May 3- I live in catawba sc 7miles from rock hill n the country woods all around noise has been goin on since 4/29, really loud & annoying we have alot of holes in the ground I seen this cicada formin one mornin it took about 15 mins Amazing all over the place

Donalds Resident report: May1- We live in the woods on 35 acres in Donalds, SC. They are here in massive amounts.
Fortson Resident report: April 28 - We have a huge population that started about April 23, 2011.Their noise is very loud from sun up to sundown and I have hundreds of locusts shells in my yard, trees, flowers, shrubs. I have never seen such an infestation and we have lived here for 21 years!
Gilbert Resident report: May 13- We have a brood buzzing around everywhere. We are noticing many of them are quietly dying now in our area.
Greenwood Resident report: April 25- We have sighted cicadas at Lakeview Elementary School in Greenwood, SC. 29649. We think that cicadas should be cared for....Mrs. McCalla’s 3rd grade class

Resident report: May 9- There is a large cicada hatch in Greenwood county SC that began mid April.

Resident report: May 11- In our city there is an infestation of cicadas here. We have a small tree and shrub that the hummingbirds love and they have covered this. Earlier I took a garden hose to the tree, it shut them up and scattered them. I am not sure how to get rid of them.

Honea Path Resident report: May 3- Much noise in wooded areas near residential development in Honea path,SC ,so this must be a bumper crop...Noise started about the 29th of April

Resident report: May 7- all day long it sounds like a UFO hovering over the woods around our house. Today is May 7 and has been going on for over a week.

Lake Greenwood Resident report: May 9- I live on Lake Greenwood and they are everywhere. Loud deafening noise and the fish are biting the hundreds floating in the lake.
Lake Murray, Newbury County Resident report: April 29- There are many Cicada‘s here in Newberry County on Lake Murray South Carolina . There must be millions of them because the mating noise being made is deafening and even has our cat spooked. They have been here for almost a week.
Lesslie   Resident report: May 5- They are everywhere! I have to keep skimming my pool and emptying the filter basket on a daily basis. And the noise… is sooooo loud. When I heard it for the first time which was sometime last weekend, we could not figure it out.
Rock Hill Resident report: May 2 - Our yard is covered with cicadas. They are everywhere! Every single tree is covered with them. There are so many shells on the ground there is a crunching sound when you walk across the yard. They are falling out of trees and flying around everywhere. It's crazy! And the noise.....don't get me makes my head hurt. They are even driving my dogs crazy!
Saluda County Resident report: I live in Saluda county, South Carolina. There is a tremendous number of cicadas here for the past several days. The noise from their singing is very loud. I am 78 years old and I have never seen or heard this many.
Upstate, S.C. Resident report: Walked outside to a car covered in cicadas this am...SC upstate area. I'm only 23 but I have never seen this many cicadas out!!
Waterloo Resident report: May 1- They are out in full force. The hum is continuous.
Westminster Resident report: May 2- They have started surfacing in Westminster, SC (29693). I heard them yesterday & saw a ton of them today!


The central southern parts of the state are bracing for a big emergence. Other ares of the state will be hit of miss.

Antioch Resident report: Buying pest netting to cover up some shrubs.
Bradley County Resident report: May 9- We have what looks like millions of these in Bradley county Tennessee tahnks
Centertown Resident report: May 12- May 11, found 20 laying on the porch this morning
Charlestown Resident report: May 17-  It is about three weeks into the hatch off , they are getting louder by the day. At this point I can hear them from inside with the TV on … I think we have a plenty of the bugs …..
Cleveland Resident report: May 25- We seem to be having an unusually wonderful hatch of Cicadas this year.
Columbia Resident report: May 8- I have about 1000 cicada on a tree in my front yard.


Resident report: Cicada are expected in large number.

Fayetteville Resident Report: May 12- I have had a few hundred shells on the privet, in my yard, my dog is enjoying catching and eating a few. They started here Monday 5/9/11 and continue to emerge.

Resident Report: May 13-  They arrived on our farm yesterday (12 May); we are 12 miles west of Fayetteville, TN.


 Cicada will arrive later in the spring.

Resident report: May 23- I started noticing cicada husks in my yard early last week (May 16) - they have since become much more numerous and very loud. Today, May 23, they are flying all around the card and everywhere I've driven in a 5 mile radius they can be heard.

Greenback Resident report: May 9- They have emerged in Greenback, TN. The woods are very loud. There are at least 100 in my pin oak.

Resident report: May 30- They have been here for weeks concentrated in just a few counties. They are much louder than the green ones we've seen in the Tri-Cities area of TN. Finally netted a new dogwood although there are already many small branches with egg slits on them already. Put netting on a new snow fountain cherry and a small forest pansey redbud. We are next to a large stand of old woods and they are all over those trees. My entire neighborhood is swarming with them.

Kingston Springs Resident report: We are expecting them here.
Lebanon People are beginning to cover up small trees and shrubs. Resident report: May 8- We started noticing a large amount of small holes all over the yard this morning. While looking around the yard we figured out what these holes were caused by... Cicadas! They were all over one of our trees! (Maple tree) Just hope they dont keep us up at night!

Resident report: May 9- I noticed the first cicadas yesterday and today there are so many more, with discarded skins everywhere!

Lewisburg Resident report: May 10- Saturday May 7th is when I first noticed the hundreds of shells in my big maple trees. Then, Sunday the 8th, the cicadas started to fly around. Today, the 10th, they are starting their loud calling sounds. I must have hundreds to thousands of shells around the bases and up the trunks of my trees.
Madison Resident report: May 10- Cicada are here!
Mount Juliet  Expect cicadas sometime in May.
Murfreesboro  A large emergence is expected. Resident report: May 9- I was outside working in the yard this weekend and noticed them in my lawn. I’m sure it’s just the beginning.


A major emergence is due this spring. Arborists are already getting 1/4" pest netting.

Resident report: May 9-Reading up on cidadas wondering whether to try and kills them or let the live. I must stay they are really pretty with those bright red eyes. My grandkids find it interesting that their casings (shells? skeletans?) are everywhere. I began noticing them this weekend while working the garden. Today (monday morning) they are EVERYWHERE! Will they eat the vegetable plants in my grarden?

Old Hickory Resident report: May 30- We have a very large infestation at our house. The sound is deafening in the afternoons. They have taken over our Bradford pear trees. Our address is 30 Indian lake Ct. Will be glad when they are gone!
Pulaski Resident report: We will see Cicadas.
Smyrna Cicadas are expected in May.
Sparta Resident report: We will get 'em in a big way.
Woodbury Resident report: May 8- Starting to see the holes and quite a few cicadas in our yard today.


Brood XIX will emerge only in the northeastern part of the state.


 Southern Virginians, cover small trees and shrubs. Most of the state will not see this brood.

Fort Eustis Resident report: May 5- I found several hundred cicadas in my yard last night..what a racket they are going to make!!! 
James City County Resident report: May 9- have spotted several cicada around my area of upper James City County, VA. I also hear the tell-tale sound in the woods. (I know this sound because of being exposed to the 17 year cicada in Western PA.)
Mechanicsville Resident report: May 25-  We've been hearing them for the last week. Found a few on our driveway - but most of them seem to be staying in the woods (thank goodness). The sound is horrific and loud, really seems as if they're getting ready to descend upon my house at any minute, yet we haven't seen a single one in the yard. I'm preparing anyway...
South Boston Resident report: May 3- I have noticed many of these insects coming out of holes in the ground and making their way to trees.
Toano Resident report: May 18- Just reporting this bug I heard is in our area right now Toano Va, I keep hearing a loud noise. I have heard from other people that this noise is that bug.


Resident report: May2- We just noticed them this evening, making their way up our beech tree.

Resident report: May 6- Have noticed several hundred in my front yard, they emerged late last night or early this morning. they are in the trees, grass and all ornamental beds. Many are waiting in the sun, I guess, wings are still crumpled. Took several picures....Glad to know I have a few days to "net" my shrubs and dogwoods....the ones that survived the onslaught of deer this year

Resident report: May 8- 1. Cicadas have just started to emerge. 2. They are all over our yard today

Resident report: May 10- They are here... by the thousands

Resident report: May 21-We have had circadas now for about three weeks. We live on the banks of the Powhatan Creek in Williamsburg Va., in a forest. Needless to say the noise is very loud!

Cicada Protection and Control:

How do you protect trees and shrubs from damage by Cicadas?

Insect Nettings are the most effective way to provide protection for your young trees, which are most susceptible. Because Cicada are large insects, a 1/4" mesh netting is effective. The netting needs to be wrapped completely around the tree and tied, or sealed off to keep any insects from entering.

Important Note: Even if the Cicadas have emerged in your area, you have 5-10 days to cover young trees before the female begins to cause damage, as she lays her eggs.

Buy Pest Netting - There is a variety of bags for quick coverup, and sheets.

More Information:

Cicadas - From Garden Hobbies

Brood Map Displays a chart of all of the broods and when they will hatch.

Buy Pest Netting-  It's the best cicada prevention. Find bags and nets to protect against Cicada, birds, deer and other pests.

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