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Hobby Greenhouse Reviews

Are you greenhouse dreaming? Just about every gardener dreams of a greenhouse in his or her backyard. After all, having a greenhouse means you can enjoy gardening all year long.

Every garden enthusiast anxiously and impatiently, awaits the arrival of spring. For those of us who really can't wait, there are home backyard greenhouses. They come in a variety of sizes, from big commercial greenhouses, to home walk in models. You can even get a small hobby greenhouses to fit on your deck, or a portable greenhouse that sets up and takes down in minutes. Portable models are designed for easy, off-season storage. 

The proliferation of greenhouse manufacturers and models, makes buying a greenhouse kit, both practical and economical. Greenhouse prices have actually come down! Most gardeners choose to buy an easy to setup kit, or have a professional installer build a walk in unit.

Benefits of Greenhouses:

Are you considering a home greenhouse? You can enjoy these benefits, and more:

  • Frost protection, and light freeze protection too. They extend the season, spring and fall.

  • Wind protection - Helps avoid damage to young seedlings.

  • Save money- harvest crops earlier in the spring and later in the fall, when prices are higher in stores.

  • Grow your own seedling transplants.

  • In some areas, grow vegetables in your greenhouse during the winter months, when prices at the stores are at their highest for the year.

  • Controlled environment- including pollination control.

  • Attractive- a greenhouse spruces up the appearance of your yard. It shouts "an avid gardener lives here!"

  • For the fun of it- greenhouses are literally a garden toy. It's something to putter and play in.

  • Keeps out animals- no more bunnies and deer munching on your favorite flower or vegetable.

  • Keeps out insects- keeping the greenhouse closed keeps out harmful insects, like squash vine borers. However, it can also harbor insects that may sneak in, through an open door or window.

  • Over-wintering bushes and shrubs- In some areas of the country, greenhouses are commonly used to over-winter shrubs and container plants.

Greenhouse Tips - things to be watchful for:

Hobby greenhouses offers many benefits. There are a couple things to be watchful of, in this enclosed environment.

  • High humidity- adding a little humidity may be beneficial. It can also promote plant disease.

  • High temperatures can cook your plants- left tightly closed on a sunny spring day, temperature in your greenhouse can reach levels high enough to kill your plants.

  • Harboring insects- A closed environment keeps insects out. But those that sneak in, find a cozy shelter and thrive.

  • Soil dries out more quickly- this is especially true in a raised bed greenhouse system. Plan to water more frequently.

Tip: When considering where to locate your hobby greenhouse, look for a spot in your yard that affords a bit of a windbreak, yet not shade your greenhouse too much. While most hobby greenhouses are made of durable materials, high winds can damage them.

Dream House Greenhouses


This greenhouse is truly a dream. It's a spacious, walk-in model, with plenty of room to grow. It's lightweight and compact for storage. Its big enough for all of your gardening needs. Grow seedlings in optimum conditions, harden off plants, or raise plants in this dream of a greenhouse. You can over-winter plants. In milder areas, you  or even grow plants over the winter.

Two large screen doors and eight screened vents, provide optimum air circulation and venting, as needed. This greenhouse is set up in minutes.

You can never outgrow your Dream House greenhouse. It is designed to be expandable, and can grow with your hobby. Around the front and back peaks, zippers are installed for connecting additional units.

Measures 6.5' High X 8' Wide X 8' Deep.



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