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Electronic Soil pH Tester and Test Kits

pH testers, also called pH meters, are essential tools for home gardeners to establish a healthy garden soil. Your soil should be tested, spring, fall and whenever you add significant amounts of mulch, compost, manures and other materials to your garden.

The proper pH is vital for maximum health and growth of your plants. Each plant has it's own ideal pH range. pH testers allow you to find the current pH level, so you can make adjustments, to optimize your plants' growth. More about soil ph.

Find the ideal level for your favorite indoor and outdoor plants:

Sure, you can take a soil sample and have it professionally analyzed. These tests can be pricey, and the results are often hard for the average home gardener to interpret.

Wise gardeners turn to inexpensive and easy to use soil testers to check pH and basic soil fertility. There are two basic types of testers for the home garden.

Compost, like garden soil, has a pH value that varies, depending upon what you put into your composter. Test your compost, before mixing it into your garden soil. Learn about compost pH.

Electronic Soil Tester  Electronic Soil Testers This meter is by far the most popular. An Electronic Soil Tester measures pH and overall soil fertility. These testers are battery operated, produce results in minutes. Home gardeners use this meter to frequently test various areas of their garden, and the gardens of family and friends. The only downside to an electronic soil tester, is it measures "overall" fertility. It doesn't measure the separate levels of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium.

Electronic Soil Testers are a "must have" for all home gardeners.  

More on Electronic Soil Testers

Soil Tester Chemical Test Kits are an easy to perform, use once chemical kit. It is quick and easy to use. It separately tests pH and levels of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium. When you need to know the levels of each fertilizer, this throw away kit is for you.  It only costs a few dollars.



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