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  1. Pat Mitchell says:

    I am totally new to this site but hope someone can help me with the pros and cons of a project I would like to try. I have a large cedar tree at the back edge of our property and wondered if it would be possible to plant cypress vines at the base of the tree and train the vine up through the cedar tree so the bright red flowers would be visible against the green of the cedar tree. I’ve never seen it done and know the vine would be fairly easy to remove if it didn’t work out. Has anyone ever tried this?


  2. wlcreal says:

    My dwarf asters have plenty of water the soil is wet but plants are still drooping and their in the sun also. Can anyone help to why?

    • Administrator says:

      I’m guessing the soil is too wet. It could be drowning the roots, which actually needs oxygen. Oxygen is held in small airpockets in the soil. In wet soil, the oxygen is replaced by the water, causing the plant to drown. Wilted, droopy leaves is a telltale sign. The key is to keep the soil moist, not wet.

      • wlcreal says:

        Thank you they dried up and look like they’re dead so crunched them up and hope seeds fall in pot and come up next summer. Do you think they will?

  3. John Lindsay says:

    How do you identify Male & Female stems on a tomato plant?

  4. Alessandro "Alex" Pini says:

    Hi, I’m a beginner in giant pumpkins growing and I’ve found your site! I’m living in Rome (Italy) and I have a small vegetable garden where I do try to get giant pumpkins. I’ll be delighted to enter your community in order to exchange opinions, to get info and, more than over, advices on how to start. I’ve read the 10 advices on your site and I’ll try to follow them, but it’s not easy and some more advices could be very useful. For example: How do I measure the Ph of my soil? Which is the perfect Ph for giant pumpkins? Hoping to receive a reply from you, I send all of you many warm greetings from Rome.

  5. SANDRA J LERCH says:

    I have a clivia that I have been growing for 10-12 years that was recently replanted into a new container and soil , it now has mold on top of soil . What is causing this ? Any ideas ? Thank you Sandra

    • Administrator says:

      The new potting soil is rich in nitrogen and other nutrients. Soil moisture and atmosphere conditions in your home are just right to promote mold growth. allow the top of the soil to completely dry between watering. Increase air circulations. Place the pot in direct sunlight. You can scrape the top of the soil, to remove most of it.

  6. DONNA ANDRADE says:

    Correction: Red Poppy’s. After World War I (not World War II) the poppy flourished in Europe and recognized as a tribute to the fallen service members around the world.
    Canadian LT Col. John McCrae’s memorial poem, In Flanders Fields, May 3, 1915.

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