2014 Seed Catalog

The search for garden seeds has officially begun.

Get your Free Seed Catalog:


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Don’t forget your seed starting supplies and other garden equipment, too.

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3 Responses to 2014 Seed Catalog

  1. Linda Self says:

    I have a dump truck load of fresh SAWDUST from some trees we had cut. What can I do with it in my gardens? Suggestions?

    • Administrator says:

      I’m assuming you have a very big garden. That is way too much for a normal home garden. Either way, I’d compost it first. To efficiently compost it, you should add ‘Green” material to it. Use equal amounts of green materials, if at all possible, which means a dump truck of greens.

    • Administrator says:

      A dump truck of sawdust is an awful lot. I would put a thin layer across the garden in the fall, abut an inch. Then, roto-till it in. YOu can also use it as a mulch around your flowers and trees. Keep an eye on the soil pH. Any leftover can be composted, or given to gardening friends.

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