Indoor Seed Starts

It’s time to get our hands into some dirt. Let’s get our indoor starts planted. Review the basics, learn some tips.

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7 Responses to Indoor Seed Starts

  1. Karen Davis says:

    Question: I was told that before planting garlic to put the cloves in a solution of baking soda and liquid seaweed to prevent the garlic plants from getting a fungus. I was given fish fertilizer and told that it will do the same thing. Is this true? Karen Davis

  2. Kathy says:

    i got some For Get Me Not seeds and wonder how to plant them. do i just sprinkle them on the dirt or how deep do they go. planting them indoor

    thank you

    • Administrator says:

      Forget-me-nots can be started indoors or out. Now is the perfect time.

      Sprinkle the seeds on the soil. Then, barely cover them with soil or seed starter mix. Water lightly. Then, keep the soil moist, not wet.

  3. Ruth says:

    I started some pear trees from seed. They have grown to about 10 inches tall but the stems are small and weak, they can not stand on their own, otherwise the blooms are very green and healthy looking. I have to prop them up and tie them loosely to keep them up. Any suggestions out there? What am I doing wrong?

    • Administrator says:

      Any plant that is tall, thin and spindly is not getting enough sunlight. Your pear seedlings need full sunlight all day long to thrive. A trick to help thicken the stems of plants, is to fan them. It encourages the plant to focus on stem development.

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