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Pests of Flower Bulbs - Insects and Varmints

You are not the only animal who likes spring bulbs. A variety of Nature's creatures do too! When thinking about pests flower bulbs, squirrels, deer, rabbits and moles comes immediately to mind. If you are a first time grower, you should assume that these pests all will visit your flower gardens, even if you live in a suburban area. Chances are, they live in your neighborhood.

We recommend taking precautions against these pests and varmints. Pest control can be very problematic. You likely live in an area where hunting is out of the question. Or simply, you may be against harming animals.

Your pest control "arsenal" must contain tools appropriate to you and your neighborhood. Those tools may be limited to "Hav-a-hart" traps and repellents.

Here are some ideas that will help. Your local garden store will carry an assortment of these items:

Deer- These can often be the hardest to deter. We recommend deer repellents like Hot Pepper sprays and Fox Urine. High fences may be an option.

Rabbits- Repellent sprays help. Hav-a-hart traps are more effective. But, it is very important to check your local laws. Believe it or not, some localities allow them to be trapped, but not transported. In these cases, you need to call your local Animal Control to remove them.

Moles and Voles- A wide variety of  mouse traps, poisons, and gases are available at your local stores.

Tip: If you have problems with rodents, mix partially crushed clam shells in the soil around your bulbs while planting them. Rodents do not like to dig around sharp objects.

Slugs and Snails- Find a variety of ideas at Slugs and Snails

Squirrels- They dig up and steal many types of flower bulbs. Chipmunks, too. Find out how to control Squirrels.

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