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Flower Bulbs - Propagation

Whether you are growing bulbs, corms, rhizomes or tuberous roots, they all are propagated by division or separation of the underground bulbs or roots. As a matter of fact, it is essential and healthy to separate them every few years. Otherwise, the plants will get overcrowded and produce smaller, lackluster blooms.

Propagating flower bulbs, is like going on a treasure hunt. Are you ready to dig for treasure!? After the plants have died off for the year, dig up the bulbs or roots. You'll probably find far more than you can use. If you have room, you can replant some of them in another location. Perhaps a friend is in need of some of the excess. The hardest part is throwing the excess away, if you have no use for it. No gardener likes to discard a flower bulb or seed.

Bulbs and corms- Separate each individual bulb. Discard any small or unhealthy bulbs. You can store the bulbs for replanting in the fall. Keep them in a cool, dry place. Do not keep them in a hot garage, as they will dry out over the summer.

Roots- After digging up the roots, cut or divide them. Make sure one or more eyes are on each division. Immediately replant them in a new location. If you need to store them for a while, put them in moist soil, in a dark location. And, don't forget about them. We recommend storage in this manner for only a few days to a week, not an entire season.

Did you know? Some of the plants we commonly call "bulbs" also produce seeds.

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