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Edible Flowers

 Many flower gardeners have no idea, that many of those beautiful flowers in their flower garden are edible.  The plant, flower or seeds may be edible. They may offer taste and texture to salads, or recipes, or may be used in herbal teas.

Are you ready to find out what flowers in your garden are edible? Read on............. 

List of Edible Flowers
Flower: Edible Parts: Uses and taste:
Amaranth Seeds In Asia and South America, the seeds are harvested as a grain crop. The seeds can also be popped like popcorn.
Calendula Flower petals Try them in soups, stews and salads.
Canary Climber Flowers and young leaves Has a peppery taste. Use in salads and soups.
Dame's Rocket Leaves, tender young stems, pods Pot herb, fruit, salads
Day Lily flowers and buds raw in salads, Asian stir fries.
Flax Seeds Linseed oil, herbal medicinal teas
Flowering Kale Leaves Salads and any recipes where vegetable garden Kale is used.
Hyacinth Bean Vine Beans Must be boiled before eating, otherwise poisonous
Lilac Flowers Syrup, jelly, tea, cookies, pudding
Love-In-A-Mist Seeds
Lupine Some are poisonous, some are edible
Malabar Climbing Spinach Leaves Classified as a flowering vine, the  spinach leaves are edible, and perfect for a summer salad.
Nasturtium Leaves, Flower, Seed Peppery taste
Poppies Seeds and oils Breads and cookies, a strong narcotic
Portulaca(Moss Rose) Seeds Raw or cooked in soups and sauces
Prunella All plant parts Try the leaves raw or cooked in salads, soups and stews. Also use to make a cold beverage
Rose Hips Seeds, seed pod Herbal tea
Scarlet Runner Beans Seeds, young pods Important: Beans must be cooked to be edible
Safflower Tender shoots, seeds Tender shoots in salads and raw dishes, Seeds, fresh or roasted
Sunflower Seeds Delicious, nutritious, roasted
Tansy Leaves, oils Leaves for flavoring, medicinal oil of tansy. Note: poisonous in large quantities
Tulips Petals With a slightly sweet taste, add to salads

NOTE: This is not a comprehensive list. Please email us, if you are aware of other flowers we should add. Contact Us


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