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Varieties of Morning Glories

Morning Glory Flower Seeds

Annual, Ipomoea purpurea

Morning Glories are very popular annual flowers. There are many varieties of morning glories. And, most gardeners will grow a variety of these pretty flower filled climbers.

Morning glories attract hummingbirds.

Here are some of the more popular varieties of morning glories:

Morning Glory, Choice Mix - A beautiful combination of morning glories: dark blue, pink, and rose flowers, on vines growing 8 to 10 feet. Blooms Summer to Fall. Buy Now

Morning Glory, Early Call - Produces a flow of colors, in shades of  blue, pink, white, rose, and red. Large blossoms open in the morning, and close in early afternoon sun. Grows quickly. The vine grows up to 10 feet. Blooms Summer to Fall.

Morning Glory Seeds Morning Glory, Grandpa Ott - A very popular variety. Grandpa Ott is a gorgeous heirloom variety, rich in velvety purple shades with a bright rose star and pink throat. The vigorous vines climb  8 to 10 feet, creating a delicate canopy to cover a fence or a trellis. Blooms Summer to Fall.  

Morning glories seeds Morning Glory, Picotee (Blues and Reds) - Double and single blooms of deep violet blue, or red are trimmed in white. They are one of nature's rarest color combinations. A gorgeous climber enhancing any spot you choose. Grows 5 to 6 feet. Blooms Summer to Fall.  

Morning Glory, Blues Brothers - Nature does not produce a lot of blue flowers. But, Morning Glories have their share. The 8 to 10 foot vines of this variety, produces a profusion of charming flowers in shades of blue. Blooms Summer to Fall.

Morning Glory, Flying Saucers - Fast growing 10 to 15 foot vines of heart shaped leaves, have unique blossoms of purple with white stripes. Blooms Summer to Fall.

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