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Growing Apples - Insect and Disease Problems

Apples in basket

I don't know about you, but I much prefer to put as little chemicals on my fruits and vegetables as possible. When it comes to apples, insecticides and fungicides are pretty much, a must. Either you spray the trees, or your apples will be enjoyed by a wide variety of insects. Either you spray your trees, or any one of a number of diseases will affect the quality, and health, of your crop. Get the picture!? We wish we could say different, but we recommend you spray your apple trees.

A regular program of spraying apple and other fruit trees, begins in late winter or early spring a with an application of Dormant Oil spray. This kills insects that overwinter in your trees. It continues on a regular basis throughout the summer, with applications of fruit tree sprays for insects and disease.

Without regular applications, your apple crop will likely be damaged or destroyed by scab and/or other disease, as well as insects such as worms and aphids. With regular applications, you will have plenty of beautiful, tasty apples that you grew yourself.

Safety first: For a safe and effective application for fruit tree sprays, make sure to:

  • Follow the instructions on the label for the insecticide you use.

  • Don't over-apply the spray. It won't increase effectiveness ,and can only be harmful to you and the environment.

  • Wear protective clothing at all times. This includes a mask so you don't inhale the spray.

  • Wash all clothing and tools after use.

  • Wait the minimum days required (see instruction label) after spraying before eating them.

  • Wash apples thoroughly before eating them.

.ps: Don't forget to shine them by rubbing them with a towel. It gives an attractive appearance when displayed in a fruit bowl on the table.

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