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Varieties of Apples

Apples in basket

If you want choice and selection, you've come to the right fruit. There are over 7,000 varieties around the world. You've got a wide selection of color- red, yellow, golden and green in many hues. Qualities vary on sweetness, uses, firmness (crunchy, anyone?), size and more.

Not sure you have enough space for a big 'ole apple tree? There are plenty of dwarf varieties that take up far less space and generally only grow 10-15 feet.

Did You Know? Apples contain 80 calories, no sodium or cholesterol, and are high in dietary fiber. They are good for your teeth, gums and facial muscles, too.

Variety: Taste: Uses: Comments:
Acey Mac Sweet, tart, juicy Eating and sauce Discovered in Peru in 1969
Autumn Crisp Extra crisp, juicy, High in vitamin C and antioxidants. Apple sauce, snacks Developed at the Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, NY.
Braeburn crisp, combination of sweet and tart snacks, salads, baking, freezing Originated in New Zealand n 1952.
Cameo Sweet, tart flavor, crunchy, firm texture Eat fresh, desserts Discovered in state of Washington in 1980's.
Cortland Sweet, soft snacks, baking, salads * Created in 1915 at the Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, NY.

* Cross between a McIntosh and Ben Davis apples

Crispin(Mutsu) Crisp, firm, sweet, juicy baking, eat fresh Developed in Japan in the 1930's. Arrived in the US. in the 1940's.
Empire Crisp, blend of sweet and tart, juicy Excellent snacking, eating fresh, baking * Created in 1915 at the Cornell Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, NY..

* Coss between  Red Delicious and McIntosh

Fortune A combination of sweet and tart, juicy Fresh eating, sauce, baking A cross between Schoharie Spy and Empire
Fuji spicy, very crisp, firm Eat fresh, snacking Developed in Japan, it is a cross between Red Delicious and Ralls Janet
Gala firm, sweet, juicy fresh, snacks, baking, salads, applesauce * Created in New Zealand in 1962.

* Cross between Golden Delicious and Kid's Orange apples

Ginger Gold Sweet, juicy, yellow Excellent fresh eating, salads * Discovered by a farmer in Virginia in 1980, and his farmer's wife

* Cross between Golden Delicious and Albemarle Pippin

Golden Delicious Sweet, juicy, crisp, yellow snack, baking, cooking Discovered in West Virginia in 1914..
Granny Smith Slightly tart. snacking, baking More green than red.
Honeycrisp sweet, crisp eat fresh, salads Developed in Minnesota in 1991.
Idared Crisp, sweet, tart flavor eat fresh, pies * Created in 1942.

* Cross between Jonathan and Wagner

Jonagold Honey sweet, a hint of tartness, very juicy eat fresh, salad, sauce, baking * Developed at the Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, NY. in 1968.

* Cross between Jonathan and Golden Delicious

Jonamac Sweet, tart flavor eat fresh * Developed at the Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, NY. in 1972.

* Cross between Jonathan and McIntosh

Jonathan somewhat tart, but good flavor snacks, and baking
Macoun Extra sweet, with a mild, tart taste A great eating apple * Created in 1923 Developed at the Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, NY.

* A cross between McIntosh and Jersey Black.

McIntosh sweet, soft, juicy All-purpose, classic eating apple * Discovered by John McIntosh, Ontario Canada in 1800's.
Paula Red Sweet and tart eat fresh, sauce Originated in a farmer's orchard in Michigan in 1960. Named after his wife.

ripens, harvests early

Red Delicious Crisp, sweet, delicious Eat Fresh, salads poor for baking
Rome Slightly tart Best for baking, sauce, eat fresh Originated in Ohio in the1820's.
Winesap Sweet, juicy All-purpose
20 Ouncer Slightly tart Excellent for baking and Applesauce
Zestar crisp, juicy eat fresh Created at the University of Minnesota in 1998.

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