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Gardening Related Phobias

People have more fears than you can shake a Zucchini at. There's someone out there, who is scared of just about anything and everything. If new, undocumented fears arises, Psychologists are more than willing to create a new name for it.

Listed below are gardening related phobias that just might scare the daylights out of you. Although, we hope that none of them fit you!

Acarophobia- fear of itching or insects that cause itching.

Alliumphobia - the fear of garlic

Anthophobia - the fear of flowers

Apiphobia - the fear of bees

Arachnophobia - is the fear of spiders

Astraphobia - the fear of thunder and lightning

Batrachophobia- fear of amphibians: frogs, newts, salamanders

Botanohobia -  this is a gardener that is afraid of plants!!!

Bufonophobia - you have this, because you are scared of toads

Ceraunophobia - is the fear of thunder

Cnidophobia- fear of stings

Cryophobia- the fear of extreme cold, ice or frost

Dendrophobia: - the fear of trees

Entomophobia - the fear of insects

Heliophobia - the fear of the sun

Hydrophobia - the fear of water

Insectophobia - the fear of insects. There are so many bugs out there, that they get two names( also see Entomophobia)

Lachanophobia - the fear of vegetables

Mycophobia - is the fear of mushrooms. Many mushrooms are poisonous. Perhaps this fear has some merit!?!

Mottephobia - why, you are araid of moths!

Myrmecophobia - is the fear of ants

Nyctophobia - the fear of night or darkness

Ombrophobia - is the fear of rain

Ophidiophobia -  are you are scared of snakes?  ... me, too

Orinthophobia - the fear of birds, especially birds aftre your garden goodies

Pagophobia- the fear of ice or frost. Gardeners are justified in having this one.

Panthophobia - is the fear of disease. Not limited to plant disease.

Parasitophobia - the fear of parasites

Randidaphobia - the fear of frogs

Rupophobia - is the fear of dirt

Scoleciphobia - the fear of worms

Seplophobia-  the fear of decaying matter Watch out for that compost pile!!

Spheksohobia - People who have this, are scared of wasps

Zoophobia - the fear of animals

What are you afraid of? Let us know!

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