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December Gardening - Top Ten Growing Tips

Gardening Tip # 1:  As soon as you read this, immediately go and water your houseplants. As we go through the holidays, many people completely overlook their houseplants. A drink now, may hold them over.

Gardening Tip #2: As the song goes: "There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays". In this song, travellers come home for some homemade pumpkin pie. Find a pumpkin recipe.

Gardening Tip #3: Squirrels can be a real pest at your bird feeder. Often, bird watchers seek ways to control and rid their yard of squirrels. more ......

Gardening Tip #4:  Rooting plants from cuttings is a common way to propagate many types of plants. As you visit friends and family over the holidays, you may see an interesting plant. With permission, you can get a cutting.  more.......

Gardening Tip #5: Many herbs make for great indoor houseplants. Select smaller, low growing herbs. Good candidates include chives and basil. more.......

Gardening Tip # 6: Are insects hanging around your houseplants? You don't want to use chemical sprays indoors. Try using organic sprays. more.......

Gardening Tip #7: Poinsettias are on display in millions of homes. It's time to review the basics of Poinsettia plant  care. more.......

Gardening Tip #8:  For young lovers, a kiss under the Mistletoe is magical. Find out about Mistletoe and the tradition. more.......  

Gardening Tip #9: Bamboo is a symbol of luck. It is easy to grow indoors in water or soil. more.......

Gardening Tip # 10: Take a break and find out why gardening is better than sex. more.......

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