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January Gardening - Top Ten Growing Tips

Gardening Tip #1: Christmas is over. Now, what do you do with all those Poinsettias!?  more.......

Gardening Tip # 2: Do you want an even better garden this year? Of course you do!! While the snow flies outdoors, it's the perfect time to review our many How to Grow articles.

Gardening Tip #3: Chances are, you will be starting some plants indoors in the next several weeks. Learn now about the biggest danger to your young seedlings, and how to avoid it. more.......

Gardening Tip #4: Were your houseplants forgotten during the holiday? Perk them up with a dose of fertilizer. more.......

Gardening Tip #5: No compostable material should ever go to a landfill, not even in the winter. You can, and should practice composting all year round... even in the winter.  Learn how.......

Gardening Tip #6: Your backyard birds get the high energy they need to survive the cold and snowy weather, from bird seeds. Each species prefer different kinds of seeds. Bird Seed Feeding chart.......

Gardening Tip #7: Some herbs make great indoor houseplants. Plant some chives or basil indoors this month, and enjoy fresh herbs long before your outdoor starts sprout in the spring.  More on herbs.......

Gardening Tip #8: A great way to pass time during the long winter months, is to propagate some of your houseplants. Perhaps, you can give a newly potted plant to a family member, or a shut-in. Learn how to propagate plants.......

Gardening Tip #9: The majority of us, will grow one or more varieties of tomatoes this year. There are hundreds of varieties to choose from. That means there's one or more varieties perfect for you. We hope you try something old, and something new. more.......

Gardening Tip #10: Celebrate Houseplant Appreciation Day. It is in January. more.......

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