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Veggie Cage Plant Support and Veggie Rings for Staking Tomatoes and Garden Plants

Every gardener eagerly awaits and anticipates a bountiful harvest, with vegetable and fruits weighing heavily upon each and every branch. What you don't want, is the weight of the harvest, bending over branches, and allowing the harvest to come in contact with the ground. Worse still, are heavily ladened branches breaking, before the vegetables are ripe.

Plant supports are necessary for many garden veggies, most notably for tomato plants. Staking or caging plants helps you to produce the biggest, and best harvest.  

Veggie cages and veggie rings are designed for this task. Garden plants grow bigger, healthier, and are more productive, with a Veggie Cage plant support.

Space constrained!? No problem. The Veggie Cage is a great way to practice  vertical gardening, utilizing little garden space. Try a veggie cage in a large pot on your balcony or deck.

Veggie Cage

Veggie cages- Use these cages for a variety of vegetable garden plants, including:

  • Tomatoes - this tomato plant support makes staking tomatoes a cinch.

  • Cucumbers - grow cucumbers in these cages, using almost no garden space. It's an easy alternative to fencing cucumbers.

  • Pole Beans - No fence? No problem. Use a veggie cage.

  • Miniature Pumpkins

  • Vining squash varieties

  • Peas - A cage is a simple alternative to fencing peas.

  • Vining Flowers - Black Eyed Susan, Cardinal Climbers, Hyacinth Bean Vine, Moonflowers, and Sweet Pea.

Veggie cages expand up to a whopping 7ft! They store flat in almost no space. Use them season after season.

To use this plant cage- Drive a garden stake into the ground next to your plant. Anchor the bottom of the Veggie Cage to the ground. Then, slide  the cage up the garden stake to the height you want, and tighten the screw to secure the cage to the top of the garden stake.

Tip: Set up veggie cages while plants are still small. Set them up at planting time. This avoids disturbing the roots, as you drive a garden stake into the ground.

As your plant grows, the veggie cage all but disappears behind the foliage. 

Tomato Ring

Veggie Rings, or Tomato Rings are a great way to support a wide variety of both vegetable and flowering plants. Formally called "Tomato Rings", this is a misnomer. Use them to support almost any plant. Try them on tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and more.

The rings easily attach to a regular garden stake. Use one, two, or three rings. The plants foliage grows to hide the rings from view. It keeps fruits and flowers off the ground. 


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