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Lilac Sunday in May

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Date: Second Sunday in May

Lilac Sunday is one of the most beautiful days of the year. It celebrates the beautiful and aromatic lilac flower. With a little help from Mother Nature, the timing will be right, and the lilacs in your area will be in full and fragrant bloom on Lilac Sunday and the days surrounding it..Our beloved Lilacs have a long and storied history. We have been celebrating Lilacs with festivals and events for over 100 years. The first Lilac Sunday was celebrated with a festival in 1905 at Highland Park in Rochester. NY. Highland Park has celebrated Lilac Sunday with a festival ever since. It is home to the largest collection of Lilacs in the world. In 1908 25,000 people attended the festival each year. Today, the 10 day event draws over 500,000 people!

The Arnold Arboretum at Harvard University in Boston, Ma. has celebrated Lilac Sunday annually for almost as long as the Rochester event. They began in 1908. Several other cities hold annual Lilac festivals, although some are not held on or around Lilac Sunday. See lilac festivals.

How to Celebrate Lilac Sunday

Did You Know? Lilacs are edible. Please pass the Lilac salad!

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Setting the Date Straight

The date of Lilac Sunday is established months to a year in advance, to ideally coincide when the flowers are in full bloom. Mother nature has not always obliged. Lilac Sunday used to be the third Sunday of May. Over several decades, spring has come earlier and earlier, the effects of global warming perhaps? Now it is the second Sunday of the month.

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