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Lilac Flowers

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There is nothing better than a large bouquet of lilacs on the kitchen table in early spring. The pleasant, sweet scent of a freshly picked bouquet, is almost too strong to leave in the room, without a window open.

Select Lilac flowers that have almost all flowerets open. Cut  the stem several inches below the flower. Walk around the bush and space out where you are cutting flowers. If one side of the bush is against a house or garage wall, take flower cuttings from the back side, leaving plenty of flowers in the front of the bush, to adorn your yard.

Trim back most or all leaves. Place the flowers in a large vase, and add water to the vase. We suggest a large vase with a big bunch of flowers, for a real showy display. While a rose looks good in groups or singly in a vase, Lilacs like to be shown in groups. To extend their indoor life, keep cut Lilac flowers in a cool location, away from direct sunlight.

Tip: Before bringing them indoors, look for ants and other insects. Ants like to climb the bushes in search of the flower's sweet nectar.

Lilac flowers are commonly used in perfumes and soaps.

Many gardeners believe that Lilacs tend to have a profusion of blooms every other year, with far fewer blooms in the off year. To increase blooms, make sure to remove dead blooms shortly after the blooms have died. Perform any pruning within a couple of weeks after the flowers have died. Next years buds form quickly, and you don't want to inadvertently snip them off. When first planting Lilacs, it will take up to three years for the first bloom.

More on Pruning Lilacs

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