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Certified Organic Garden Seeds for Planting

In nature, it all begins with a seed. Organic gardening begins with the garden seeds you buy. It's the all important starting point for home gardens and commercial organic farming. There are organically grown vegetables, as well as herbs.

Why use certified organic garden seeds? The use of chemicals can alter the genetic makeup of seeds. And, the chemicals can be carried in the seed. The resulting plant and vegetables can be affected. The USDA requires commercial growers to use organic seed for planting, in order to be able to market their crop as "certified organic" produce.

Survival Seeds - Certified organic garden seeds are good candidates for non-GMO survival seed.

Vegetables - From A to Z, there are many varieties of organic garden seed for your vegetable garden. You can find them for a wide variety of vegetables, from tomatoes, peppers, and pumpkins, to lettuce and onions. You can also find them for less common vegetables, like mustard, okra, and much more!

USDA certified organic garden seed, seeds

Make sure the vegetable seed you are buying is certified organic. Look for the USDA Certified Organic logo. It will be on the front of the seed packet.

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