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Organic Gardening - Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer

Seaweed is packed with dozens upon dozens of major and minor nutrients and amino acids. Neptune's Harvest liquid seaweed fertilizer boasts over 60 of 'em! Each nutrient and amino acid helps plants in some way, to attain it's maximum potential. Organic gardeners love seaweed for its naturally occurring fertilizer value.

All of the yummy, natural, organic ingredients in seaweed fertilizer helps to promote healthy plant growth, and development, plant color and vigor, and increases hardiness to environmental conditions. Seaweed helps to produce bigger, brighter, longer lasting flowers. Vegetable gardeners will benefit from increased crop yields. Some claim it reduces plant disease, too.

Begin using seaweed fertilizer early in the season.  Seaweed fertilizer is also used as a seed inoculant to speed germination.  And, it promotes the development of a healthy root system.

Did you Know? Giant pumpkin growers swear by fish fertilizer and seaweed fertilizer. It has helped them to produce giant pumpkins in excess of  2000 pounds! Most, if not all, competitive growers include both fish fertilizer and seaweed fertilizer regularly in their overall fertilization program.

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