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Avocado Trees

Botanical Name: Persea Americana

The Avocado "plant"... is really a tree that can grow 30 to 60 feet tall. It is fun and easy to grow indoors. Many gardeners transform the Avocado tree into a houseplant, at least for a few years until the tree gets too tall. Those that do, often start them from seed, by taking an Avocado pit and rooting it.

Avocado trees are native to Central and South America, where they were harvested in the wild as far back as 8,000 B.C. It is an evergreen tree, a member of the Laurel family. Commercial crops primarily come from that region as well as the south western coast of the USA.

Avocados are not a vegetable. They are a berry, that is highly nutritious, with lots of vitamins, minerals, and oil. Avocados are popular in salads, soups and dips. They are used in many Spanish and Mexican recipes, most notably in Guacamole dip.

Did you Know? Avocados are also called the "alligator pear".

Important: While Avocados are not toxic  to humans, it is to dog, cats, birds, and many other animals.

How to Grow Avocado Trees:

Here are a few easy steps to growing your first Avocado:

  • Cut open an Avocado fruit.

  • Carefully, remove the pit (or seed). Be careful not to cut the seed with your knife.

  • Clean the Avocado off, and let dry overnight.

  • Remove the dry, papery outer coating.

  • The seed will have a flat side and a pointed side. The pointed side will be up, and the flat side will be immersed in water.

  • Insert three or four toothpicks part way into the sides of the seed.

  • Fill a small glass or jar with water.

  • Set the Avocado seed into the water with the toothpicks resting on the rim of the glass..

  • Adjust the water level so the bottom 1/3 to 1/2 of the seed is in water.

  • Place the jar with the seed in a cupboard, or in a place where it is out of sunlight.

  • Check regularly and add water as needed.

In 10 to 12 weeks, the seed will sprout a tap root. Then, a shoot will appear at the top. Take the seed out of the water, and plant it with just the tip showing.

After the plant reaches 6-8 inches, you can pinch the top to promote bushier growth. Your Avocado tree should grow for years. It can be grown indoors. In southern locations it is usually grown outdoors.

Water thoroughly. Let the top of the soil dry between waterings. Add a general purpose fertilizer once a month. Your Avocado plant likes moderate to full sun.

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