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Carrot Seed Varieties

There is no shortage of carrot varieties. And, that's a good thing, as carrots both taste good, and are healthy for you.

Looking for an old fashioned heirloom carrot? How about a uniquely different variety? Listed below are the more popular varieties along with some interesting ones to try...and show off. 

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Did you Know?: Soil type and temperature can affect carrot color.

Varieties of Carrots:

Chantenay - Also called Royal Chantenay, this is a tender, crisp heirloom variety.  Good for storage. It grows 5 to 7 inches long, a and is very popular in home gardens.

Danvers Half Long -  Tender, sweet, and rich flavor, with a smooth texture. Danvers is deep orange in color, and  grows six to eight inches and has a blunt end. It is good for canning and freezing.

Imperator - Imperator has top quality and sweetness. Use it fresh, canned or frozen. Rots are 7-8 inches long, and tapered. It needs deep soil to grow straight and mature.

Little Finger - Little Finger are very popular baby carrots. They are excellent for eating fresh, canned or pickled. Roots are cylindrical with a blunt tip, growing about 3 inches long.

Nantes - This slender, six inch long carrot has a rounded end. It is crisp and tender.

Parisian - This is a short, round carrot, ideal for container planting. use it fresh or cooked. Tasty!

Cosmic Purple -  Here's a carrot that is both pretty and tasty. It has a purple skin, that's sure to draw attention. The flesh is a sweet, orange with a bright yellow core.

Tip: For a continuous harvest, sow some seeds every two to three weeks.

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