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How to Grow Ornamental Corn

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While sweet corn may be the most popular corn grown by home gardeners, some corn is just grown for the fun of it. Enter the world of Ornamental Corn. It is grown exclusively for fall craft projects and decorating...for fun! Fall decorating would not be complete without it.

Germination: Seeds sprout in 5 - 10 days.

Days to Maturity: Ranges from 105 -115 days, depending up variety.

Varieties of Ornamental Corn Plants:

  • Indian Corn - This corn is grown only for decorative purposes. It is dried and the ears are used to decoration for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and other fall events. It is popular for fall craft projects

  • Blue Miniature - This corn is grown for fall craft and decorating purposes. The small cobs grow 2" - 4" long.

How to Grow Ornamental Corn Plants:

ornamental blue mini corn seed, seeds

Grow ornamental corn just like sweet corn . Review how to grow corn.

Grow corn in full sun and a rich garden soil.

Plant seeds in rows, about 1/2 to 1 inch deep. See the instructions on the seed packet.

Space four to six inches apart in rows three to four feet apart. For good pollination, plant in blocks, at least four rows wide.

Fertilize with a general purpose fertilizer every two to three weeks.

Water regularly in dry weather. Water deeply.

Keep plants well weeded in their early life. Place mulch between the rows to keep weeds down. 

Keep alert to garden pests. Birds, deer, raccoons, and squirrels will attempt to steal the corn as it ripens and dries.

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Drying Ornamental Corn:

Leave ears of ornamental corn on the plant for as long as possible. If the weather allows, leave them in the field until the husks are dry and papery.

You can also dry ears indoors. Harvest ears. Pull back husks to expose the corn. DO NOT remove the husks. Hang ears to dry in a cool, dry, well ventilated area.

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