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Bhut Jolokia Hot Peppers

The Jolokia pepper is one of the hottest pepper on the planet. Also known as ghost peppers, because the heat level is so high, that if you eat it, you feel like you are going to die. Native to India and Sri Lanka, Jolokia peppers thrives in warm weather climates, and need  a year or two to begin to produce peppers.

Tipping the scale- Jolokia peppers have been measured at 855,000 to 1,041,427 on the Scoville Scale for their "heat".

Uses: Hot sauces, relishes, recipes fiery chicken wings, recipes calling for hot peppers, and even eaten raw!

Growing Jolokia Pepper Plants:

Ghost pepper seeds can be hard to start. Germination rates may be low. We recommend starting seeds indoor, with a heated germination mat.

Plants can take a few years to begin to produce peppers.

Grow plants in full sun. Keep soil evenly moist.

Ghost pepper plants need a rich soil, and lots of fertilizer.

Plants will grow 6' to 8' tall, producing hundreds of peppers. Fruit is about three inches long, turning from green to red.

Important tip: Use gloves when harvesting and handling Jolokia peppers.

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