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Our Mission: To provide the finest quality home gardening tips, growing information, trivia and garden resources, from seed starting to growing, harvesting, storing and eating the fruits, herbs, vegetables, and edible flowers of our gardening labor.

The Gardener's Network is the perfect gardening place for you and your plants, the perfect source on how to grow just about any plant!


Looking for activities to do while we all shelter in place? Try Bird Watching. Right now birds are migrating  north, and returning to their summer homes. Bird watching  is fun for kids and adults. Make it a game, to see who sees the most kinds of birds. Ps. Don't forget the camera.

Garden Alert!!! The Coronavirus is impacting many, many things in our lives. From a gardening perspective, you need not panic. But, for the success of your gardening season, it is very important that you read the posting in our blog. Read our Garden Blog now.

Indoor Seed Starts Begins - March is a huge month for us gardeners. This month, we get seed starting mixture under our fingernails. After enduring several months away from our beloved hobby, how great is that!? Starting seeds indoors to transplant later, is one of the early joys of gardening. Why let the garden stores have all the fun, when you can start your own seedlings!? Before you begin, review the basics of seed starting, and seedling care. As a rule of thumb, most indoor planting starts should be planted six to eight weeks before the last frost in your area.


Types of Seeds: The majority of us buy regular garden seeds. But, there are also Heirloom seeds, Organics seeds, GMO or Non-GMO, and even Survivor seeds. Should you care? Some of us do, some us don't. Confused!? Let us remove the confusion for you, so you can select the right seeds for you.


A Garden Encyclopedia We strive to provide the most in-depth how to grow guide sheets and gardening information. While spring planting is still quite a ways off for many of us, learn a few tips and techniques for growing better vegetables, flowers, herbs, organics, or a favorite heirloom. Our "How to Grow" pages will help you to have the best garden you can grow.

Gardening Tips for March - Find timely gardening tips each month. Grab a garden tip or two for March. See March Garden Tips.



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Looking for an early start to your herb garden?  Basil could be the perfect answer. It responds well to an indoor start, and transplants well. You can begin to harvest the leaves, slowly at first, as soon as there are about a dozen leaves on the plant. Sow seeds indoors today, and you will be cooking with basil before you know it!. How to Grow Basil.

The Sap is flowing ....! It's Maple syrup time up north. The sweet sap is now flowing, and it's time to harvest and to savor the sweet juices of the maple tree. All about Maple Syrup.

On the Light Side:

Top 10 Signs You've Gone over the Garden's Edge- How avid a gardener are you?

Gardening Holidays - A reason to celebrate!

March is National Celery Month

Today's Deep Thought: "Sow generously, and you will reap generously."


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