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Happy New Gardening Year !!!


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Our Mission: To provide the finest quality home gardening tips, growing information, trivia and garden resources, from seed starting to growing, harvesting, storing and eating the flowers, fruits, herbs, and vegetables of our gardening labor.

The Gardener's Network is the perfect gardening place for you and your plants, the perfect source on how to grow just about any plant!

Exciting Times! New Years ushers in the year 2021, all but guaranteed to become a great gardening season! Gardening is a great "stay at home" hobby, with hours of challenging fun. With the arrival of the new year, the annual seed search also begins. It is indeed an exciting time for gardeners. As the snow flies outside our windows, we sit by the fireside and dream of beautiful flowers in full bloom, and a bountiful garden filled with our favorite veggies. You may be surprised to learn that many gardeners begin their annual seed search on Christmas day, shortly after the presents are unwrapped. Online garden stores see a big uptick on this day. As we progress through the month of January, more and more gardeners seek out and buy their favorite seeds, along with something new to experiment with, to test and expand our gardening skills. So, what are you waiting for!? Start your search today!

Types of Seeds: The majority of us buy regular garden seeds. But, there are also Heirloom seeds, Organics seeds, GMO or Non-GMO, and even Survivor seeds. Should you care? Some of us do, some us don't. Confused!? Let us remove the confusion for you.

Gardening Tips for January  Pick up some new gardening tips each month. Grab a garden tip or two for January. See January Garden Tips.

Greenhouse Dreamin' Every gardener dreams of a greenhouse in their back yard. Winter is the perfect time to dream those dreams. Why settle with just dreaming? There's a greenhouse for just about every budget.

Were your houseplants forgotten during the holidays? If they were ignored, don't feel guilty. Mine were, too. Many of us simply forgot to even water them! Give them a boost with some fertilizer, and a drink of water. You can enjoy house plants all winter long.

Organic gardening is healthy and growing. One reason to grow your own herbs and vegetables, is to produce healthier food for you and your family. Even if you're not an organic gardening purist, there are a lot of easy to use organic gardening tips to make the food you eat even healthier!

Today's Garden Thought: "Sow generously, and you will reap generously."

January 6- It's Bean Day, Hooray!

January 10 - Houseplant Appreciation Day

January 19 - Popcorn DayFew people grow popcorn. But, everybody loves it. This holiday is really popping!

January 21 - Squirrel Appreciation Day. It's best that this day is in January. Gardeners do not appreciate squirrels during the gardening season.

January Last Saturday - National Seed Swap Day




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