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Our Mission: To provide the finest quality home gardening tips, growing information, trivia and garden resources, from seed starting to growing, harvesting, storing and eating the flowers, fruits, herbs, and vegetables of our gardening labor.

The Gardener's Network is the perfect place for you and your plants, the perfect source on how to grow just about any plant!

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Enjoying the Harvest  - Harvesting the first few fruits and vegetables is a real joy. Now, everything is ripe at the same time, and you don't know what to do with it all. What you need is more different and unique recipes.

May we suggest........

Garden Recipe Tip of the Day: To avoid getting cut when chopping or slicing vegetables, let someone else hold the vegetables........

Harvest Time means canning and drying fruits, vegetables, and herbs. You worked hard to grow them. Now, you can prepare and store excess foods for later use.....kewl!

In Your Fruit Bowl.....  Fall brings all sorts of goodies to your kitchen fruit bowl. You are not the only one who like what is there. Learn about Fruit Flies, how to control them, how to make a homemade trap. More on Fruit Flies

Pumpkins Aglow.... Fall arrives all too quickly. It bursts upon the scene, and slowly turns everything ablaze in fall colors. Perhaps, the brightest blazing objects, are pumpkins. These big, bright, orange orbs are glowing now.... just for you. Celebrate Fall, pumpkins and Halloween at our sister site. No ones does fall and Halloween like Pumpkin Nook.

Gardening Tips for September    Our newest category offers you gardening tips each month. Grab a garden tip or two for September. See September Garden Tips.

Garlic Planting Time When the weather cools in your area, but before the ground freezes, it's time to plant garlic bulbs. Plant them now, and you'll get a great crop in early summer. More on planting Garlic

Composting .... Don't throw out those dead plants...... compost them. Collect your garden waste, along the weeds and other plant matter. Turn it into rich garden soil for next season. The best gardens are grown by gardeners who make their own compost.

Seeds All Year Long We've always got seeds in stock. Find top quality seeds, at the lowest prices...anywhere.

Back to Houseplants As we edge closer to the first frost, it is time to select the plants that you will bring indoors to grow as houseplants. If you haven't done so before, try a few herbs. Ones like basil, chives and oregano are good candidates to  grow indoors. In addition to being good houseplants, you can use them in the kitchen.winter long.

Today's  Garden Quote: "Walk softly and carry a big zucchini!"   - - President Theodore Roosevelt

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Got tons of tomatoes? Sure you do!! Let the Roma Tomato Strainer and Sauce Maker takes the strain out of the task. Faster sauce processing, leaves you with more time to enjoy the late summer weather. Enjoy your time in the kitchen with the tools that do the job quickly!   Buy a Tomato Strainer and Sauce Maker today.

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The Gardener's Network is your gardening community. It's a place for home gardeners to learn about gardening, ask questions, contribute gardening tips, ideas, and garden humor.

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